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GENERAL QUESTIONS | Online learning at Baker


Who takes online classes?
Approximately 3 million students study online in the United States. Baker University specializes in serving business/management and liberal arts learner communities. Our students are primarily full-time, working professionals returning to school, military members serving overseas, or individuals seeking the challenges of critical thinking.
Is online learning right for me?
Our online course management system, Moodle is an easy-to-use, organized way to manage assignments, projects and interaction with your instructors and fellow students. The most successful students in online coursework are self-motivated, have clear goals and set aside appropriate time to complete their work. Baker University’s help desk and academic advisors support you throughout the academic process. If you enjoy an online environment and have access to the Internet, then online learning may be right for you.
What are the benefits of online learning?
  • Baker online courses provide both theoretical frameworks and practical application of knowledge to ensure student success.
  • Students learn from experienced faculty who not only understand the concept of each discipline, but also bring in the realities of today’s business, liberal arts and educational environments.
  • Baker online instructors have been specially trained to facilitate a stimulating and productive online learning experience.
  • The key to returning to school is having choices. Asynchronous classes allow you to access course materials at any time during the weekly modules, take part in discussions with your instructor, and participate in threaded discussions with your peers. This freedom from the bounds of place and time gives busy working professionals maximum scheduling flexibility.
Will my course schedule meet my needs?
Online classes mean you can make Baker University’s schedule work with your life. The cohort model offers business students the opportunity to move sequentially through a series of courses together. Once you are enrolled in an online program, Baker brings the courses to you.
Why should I go back to school?
The reasons are both personal and highly practical. Earning a degree may be a lifelong dream. Perhaps an undergraduate or master’s degree is essential to your professional advancement. Possibly, you need to expand your thinking and life options. Whatever your reasoning, higher education at Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies can broaden your choices, your standard of living, and possibly your financial capacity. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that people with a graduate degree typically earn $1 million more over their working life than people without a degree.
How difficult is it to go back to school when I have a job and a family?
Juggling multiple responsibilities is always a challenge. More than 90% of School of Professional and Graduate Studies graduates complete their degrees. Baker students find it possible to balance work, family and education. Within a few weeks of taking classes, you will find that coursework becomes a part of a manageable routine.
What makes Baker University School of Professional and Graduate Studies different from a traditional college or school?
Baker’s programs are held year-round with new groups starting throughout the year. Our graduates consistently report that the knowledge gained in class was immediately transferable to their daily lives. Baker’s online business courses range in length from six to eight weeks while liberal arts and business concentration courses are six to seven weeks. This allows you to focus on one course at a time and to earn more credits in a year than at a traditional college.
What does it mean to have accreditation?

Accreditation is a process used by higher education to evaluate colleges, universities and educational programs for quality. Accreditation is conducted by private, not-for-profit organizations designed specifically to conduct external quality reviews. Baker University SPGS is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (312.263.0456, This means that credits and degrees earned at Baker University are eligible for acceptance by other regionally accredited institutions. Regional accreditation is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Can I afford to earn a degree online?
Yes! There are many financial options available including financial aid. Baker’s programs are approved for federal financial loan programs. Baker University SPGS’s Financial Aid Office is staffed with advisors ready to provide information and answer questions.

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