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Doctor or Education in Leadership in Higher Education

Regena M. Bailey Aye pdf Download
The Relationship between Method of Placement and Success in College Algebra and English Composition I at Allen Community College

Cassy Bailey pdf Download
The Relationship Between Student Readiness Inventory Scores and First-Time, First-Year Student Retention and Academic Success at Baker University Baldwin

Brett L. Bruner pdf Download
The Impact of a First Year Living-Learning Community on First-Generation College Student Academic Success and Persistence

Seth Macon Carter pdf Download
Colby Community College Student Success at the Baccalaureate Level

Martin J. Clark pdf Download
First-Year College Students’ Perceptions of the Long-Term Effects of Bullying

Shanna K. Eggers pdf Download
Effects of TRIO Student Support Services Grant Aid on Student Outcomes

Mark G. Eldridge pdf Download
From Fear to Fraternity: How High School Transition Programs With a Leadership Component Affect the High School Freshman Experience in Franklin County, Kansas

Jamie J. Els pdf Download
The Relationship between Professional Development and Employee Satisfaction at a Higher Education Institution

Emily A. Ford pdf Download
Faculty and Student Attitudes and Perceptions of Academic Dishonesty

Jeff Robert Frost pdf Download
The Effect of Peer-Led Supplemental Projects in a College Algebra Class at a Community College

Sarah R. Hallinan pdf Download
Building Connections in a First-Year Student Program: A Mixed Methods Case Study on Program Changes and the Effects on Retention and Academic Success of First-Year Business Majors

Eva Harmon pdf Download
The Relationship Between the Funding Models of Catholic High Schools and Seminary Enrollment

Sara Margaret Harris pdf Download
Pedagogical Training and Instructional Methods Among Kansas Community College Faculty

Dana Latrice Jackson pdf Download
Deconstructing Teacher-Student Interactions in Culturally Diverse Urban Low Achieving Elementary Classrooms

Seth D. Kastle pdf Download
Perceptions of the Essential Elements of Leadership across Different Genders and the Generation Spectrum of Domestic, On-Campus Faculty at a Midwestern State University

C. Jason Kegler pdf Download
Council of Regents Law Enforcement Directors’ Perceptions of Safety Concerns Related to the Impact of Concealed Firearms at Kansas Public 4-Year Higher Education Institutions

Vickie A. Kelly pdf Download
A Quantitative Study of Course Grades and Retention Comparing Online and Face-to-Face Classes

Valerie S. Kempton Mann pdf Download
The Effect of a Learning Strategies Success Course on Community College Student Academic Success

Kay Pryne King pdf Download
Community College Criminal Justice Faculty Definition, Teaching, and Assessment of Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

Taylor L. Kriley pdf Download
An Examination of First-Year Seminar Course Characteristics and Student Persistence from First Year to Second Year at a Regional Public State University

Earl A. Martin pdf Download
Kansas Public School Principal Induction Practices and New Elementary Principals’ Perceptions of Satisfaction and Preparation

Brian McDow pdf Download
Relationship Between StrengthsFinder Signature Themes and Academic Majors in an Urban Midwestern University.

Tiffini H. Price pdf Download
Professional Development in High Engagement Instructional Strategies: Impact on Student Engagement and Faculty Efficacy in a Two-Year Post-Secondary Environment

Leslie S. Quinn pdf Download
The Impact of Policy Changes Restricting Late Registration in a Large Midwestern Community College

Jennifer F. Rinella pdf Download
A Case Study of Nonprofit Organization Leaders Viewed Through the Lens of Synergistic Leadership Theory

Sarah R. Robb pdf Download
Faculty Member Responses to the Implementation of Common Student Learning Outcomes in General Education Courses in Kansas Public Higher Education Institutions

Jean E. Sanchez pdf Download
Factors that Influence the Enrollment and Academic Success of Hispanic Students in Allied Health and Nursing Programs at a Midwestern University

Jennifer L. Seymour pdf Download
The Interaction of Faculty Status and Course Delivery Method on Student Retention and Success in General Education Courses at a Community College

Mary A. Shivley pdf Download
Evaluating Effectiveness of Developmental Mathematics Instruction Based on Faculty Rank

Gurbhushan Singh pdf Download
A 15-Year Stratified Historical Review of the Midwest College District, Campus, and Program Resource Allocation Variables to Student Retention and Graduation Rates

Jon M. Stammers pdf Download
Coach Gender and Coaching Style Preferences of NAIA Female Student-Athletes

Randall T. Weber pdf Download
A Comparative Study of Academic Success and Persistence Between Kansas Public Community College Transfer Students and Native Students at the University of Kansas

Gina Lynn Wyant pdf Download
Differences in Student Retention and Academic Success Between and Among Faculty Status and Student Status Fall 2014 through Fall 2016

Jane Zaccardi pdf Download
Development of Professionalism in Practical Nursing Students


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