Student Experiences

Master of Liberal Arts (MLA)

Baker has a personable approach to its students. The caring aspect and the convenience of Baker drew me to it.

--Zach Sediqzad, MLA student

The MLA program gives you new ideas and a new way of looking at things that you may apply to a problem or a situation immediately.

--Chris Watkins, MLA alumnus

The Baker MLA program is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a really long time. Everything that I’m learning I’m using, and it’s changing me every single day. I can’t recommend it enough to people who definitely want a degree program that is well rounded.

--Jill Brand, MLA student

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Attending Baker has had a huge impact on my life both personal and professional. Personally it has encouraged my daughter to return to school to get her Bachelors degree with plans to continue through a masters program. Professionally it has enhanced my confidence level in the search for a job that I would really enjoy with a higher pay scale. Mentally I am able to think and respond at a more advanced level. Life, business and how it works makes sense now. I understand more of the whys! The superb teachers that I have had along the way have made a huge difference in my transformation for a better life! I always recommend Baker to friends and family with interest in higher education because they have a program that will fit any lifestyle. I am glad I decided to attend Baker University.

--Paula Ridley, MBA

Completing the MBA program at Baker has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my life. I look forward to new opportunities that the degree will bring.

--Jeff Hunter, MBA

The Baker MBA was a fantastic experience, for both my professional and personal life. The online format was so flexible, I was able to balance everything!

--Stephanie Jennings, MBA