Areas of Concentration 

Students pursuing business degrees have the option to complete additional coursework in a specialized field. All courses are conducted online.


The concentration offers an enhancement of financial decision-making skills in organizational systems thinking. Students will examine corporate finance, investment decision making, the role of financial institutions, and complexities of international financial markets through practical application.

Health Care Administration

The concentration focuses on the critical role of health care administration in one of the nation’s fastest growing and most challenging industries, health care. Students will develop foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities related to leadership and management roles in the American health care industry.

Human Resources

The concentration offers a deep exploration of issues related to effective management of human resources in an increasingly competitive business environment. Students will examine the role of the manager through staffing, employee development and retention, employee relations, and global HR management courses.

Information Systems

The concentration offers an integration of hard and soft IT skills focusing on emerging trends, leveraging and managing resources, and realizing the implications of information technology decisions. Students will build bridges between technical knowledge and managerial and strategic analytical skills through best practices and case studies.

International Business

The concentration offers an immersion into the challenging environment of economic, political, geographical, and governmental forces. Students will probe into international communities, assess risks, and develop potential strategies for gaining advantage in the international marketplace.

Leadership & Organizational Change

The concentration provides a foundation to explore the human side of business while developing frameworks and measurement systems for long-range business success. Students develop collaborative, versatile leadership skills through the lens of ethical business practices, social justice, global citizenship and innovative approaches to conflict resolution and negotiation.


The concentration offers a competitive market analysis that successfully influences customer and consumer behavior. Students will create a brand for themselves, evaluate strategies for start-up companies, and research partnerships with advertising agencies using practical application and field studies.