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Kansas City Southern

Apply College Credit to Your Degree

Kansas City Southern and Baker University have developed a unique partnership that allows employees an opportunity to earn college credit for approved KCS training courses.

Because Baker is an accredited university, these credits may be applied toward a degree. Contact your institution to see if these courses can be used to complete your degree. If you’ve taken TRAX Learning courses or other KCS training in the past, follow the steps below to register and have those courses placed on a Baker University transcript. They may still be eligible for credit.


10% Tuition Reduction for KC Southern Employees

The partnership between Baker University and KC Southern means you receive a 10% reduction on your tuition.

Learn more about our degree programs.

Campus Locations

Overland Park

About Baker

Founded in 1858, Baker University is the oldest university in Kansas. We offer innovative degree programs for adults in evening and online classes. Baker University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (312.263.0456, Our accreditation has been continuous since first awarded in 1913.

Application Process for Earning College Credit

  • Set up an introductory session with KCS manager of organizational development and training.
  • Identify the course(s) you would like to take from the list of approved courses.
  • Complete an approved TRAX Learning or other approved KCS training course. (Consult your TRAX Learning course catalog for guidance and information).
  • Turn in the completed pdfenrollment form with payment of $50 per credit hour to the manager of organizational development and training or your HR generalist. The manager of organizational development and training will verify course completion and passing scores and submit documentation to Baker University.
  • If you are seeking KCS Educational Assistance, follow the KCS Educational Assistance application process to receive approval and verify current eligibility status. You may locate the policy through the Human Resources page on the KCS Intranet. (Educational Assistance requires minimum overall passing score of 80%.)
    • What if I’m not eligible for education assistance?
    • You may still apply your TRAX Learning toward college credit at $50 per credit hour; however, you will not receive reimbursement from the company.
  • You will receive an email notification when college credits are posted. Credits are posted monthly pending KCS verification of current education assistance eligibility status.

Courses for College Credit

Management Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
MLP2158 Management Essentials/Effective Delegation 1.0
MLP2159 New to Management 1.0
MLP2160 Managing Problem Performance 1.0
MLP2161 Managing Organizational Change/Fund of Business Crises Management 1.0
MLP2162 Appraising Performance 1.0
MLP2163 Advanced Management Skills 1.0
MLP2164 Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence 2.0
MLP2165 Strategic Planning & Risk Management 1.0
MLP2166 Budgeting 2.0
MLP2168 Delivering Effective Presentations & Business Cases 1.0
MLP2200 Creativity & Innovation Management 0.5
MLP2201 Total Work Systems 1.0
MLP2202 Building Effective Teams 0.5
MLP2203 Motivating Others & Understanding Others 1.0
MLP2204 Decision Quality & Critical Thinking 1.0
MLP2205 Process Management 1.0
MLP2206 Managing Through Systems 0.5
MLP2207 Building Improved Work Relationships 1.0
MLP2208 Composure & Patience 2.0
MLP2209 Effective Conflict Management 1.0
MLP2210 Ethics, Integrity, Trust & Values 1.0
MLP2211 Anger Management 1.0
MLP2212 Feedback & Criticism 2.0
MLP2213 Global Thinking 2.0
MLP2214 From Technical Professional to Management Essentials 0.5
MLP2215 Essentials of Mentoring 1.0
Leadership Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
MLP2167 Facilitating Successfully 2.0
MLP2168 Delivering Effective Presentation & Business Cases 1.0
MLP2169 Project Management for Non-Project Managers 1.0
MLP2170 Project Management Prep for Professional 3.0
MLP2171 Leading Teams/Cross Cultural Communication 1.0
MLP2216 Leadership Essentials/Leading the Workforce Generation 2.0
MLP2217 Business Execution 1.0
MLP2218 Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Thinker 1.0
MLP2226 Leading by Example 3.0
MLP2227 Leadership by Example: Preparing New Leaders 3.0
Sales Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
MLP2182 Field Sales Skills 1.0
MLP2183 Territorial Account Sales Skills 1.0
MLP2184 Inside Sales Skills 2.0
MLP2185 Strategic Account Sales Skills 1.0
MLP2186 Sales Team Management 1.0
MLP2187 Selling at the Executive Level 2.0
MLP2188 Communication 101 (Sales) 1.0
Finances Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
MLP2189 Finance & Accounting Essentials/Accounting Fundamentals 1.0
MLP2190 Accounting 101 1.0
MLP2191 Advanced Business Finance 1.0
MLP2192 Accounting 102 1.0
MLP2193 Auditing: A Practical Approach 1.0
MLP2194 Managerial Accounting 1.0
Marketing Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
MLP2195 Strategic Marketing in Action 2.0
MLP2196 Strategic Brand Management 2.0
MLP2197 Online Branding Strategy 1.0
MLP2198 Competitive Marketing Strategies/Product Management Essentials 1.0
Desktop Computer Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
ISP1001 Microsoft Word Level 1 (Beginning) 1.0
ISP1002 Microsoft Word Level 2 (Advanced) 1.0
ISP1101 Microsoft Excel Level 1 (Beginning) 1.0
ISP1102 Microsoft Excel Level 2 (Advanced) 1.0
ISP1301 Microsoft Access Level 1 (Beginning) 1.0
ISP1302 Microsoft Access Level 2 (Advanced) 1.0
ISP1401 Microsoft Outlook Level 1 (Beginning) 1.0
ISP1402 Microsoft Outlook Level 2 (Advanced) 1.0
ISP1501 Microsoft Visio Level 1 (Beginning) 1.0
ISP2907 Microsoft Project Level 1 (Beginning) 1.0
ISP2908 Microsoft Project Level 2 (Advanced) 1.0
ISP3016 Adobe Illustrator CS4 1.0
ISP3018 Adobe InDesign CS4 1.0
ISP3020 Adobe Photoshop CS4 1.0
ISP3022 Adobe Flash CS4 1.0
ISP3056 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 1.0
ISP3262 Microsoft Managing Projects with Project Server 2007 2.0
ISP4422 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for End Users 1.0
MLP2219 Overview of SAP for Project Teams 1.0
MLP2220 SAP Business Suite 7 for End Users/SAP Business One for End Users 1.0
MLP2221 SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 0.5


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