Experience. Innovation. Growth.

Experience. Innovation. Growth.

Chairman of the Board Gordon Lansford, members of the Strategic Planning Community Forum, and I would like to present you the Strategic Plan 2022.

As a community, we have developed three overarching goals to guide us into the next four years.

  • Exceptional Experience
  • Innovative Programs
  • Financial Sustainability and Growth

These goals offer us strategies that will direct our actions in developing extraordinary graduates that will impact the world in a positive way.  Every member of the Baker community will work to provide a distinctive experience with innovative programs to help our students and our university grow well into the future. These strategies that we have collaboratively developed will guide Baker’s advancement over the next four years and beyond.

Dr. Lynne Murray

President, Baker University

Board of Trustees – Strategic Planning Committee

Mr. Gordon Lansford
Mr. Hoot Gibson
Mr. Scott Grauer
Mr. Skip Kalb
Ms. Melissa Ness
Dr. Kay Schallenkamp
Mr. Mike Seitz


Goal 1

Exceptional Experience

Our students will have an exceptional experience from first contact through graduation that promotes meaningful careers and purposeful lives.


  100% of BU students will experience high-impact learning.

  All BU students will participate in an internship or experiential learning opportunity before completing their degree.

  100% of our graduates would refer their family, friends, and colleagues to Baker University.

  99% of students will be employed in a relevant field or accepted to graduate school six months after graduation.


Goal 2

Innovative Programs

Our programs will be innovative, current, and relevant and prepare graduates who are responsive to global challenges and opportunities.


• 100% of our current programs will be assessed annually.

  100% of all programs will undergo external evaluation.

  100% of traditional students will participate in at least one course with a global component.

  We will achieve a 25% increase in the number of partnerships developed with educational, health care, and business leaders.

Case Hall

Goal 3

Financial Sustainability

Our financial, physical, and human resources will be managed in a way that ensures financial sustainability and growth.


  2,640 total students will be enrolled at Baker.

  $28 million will be raised to support students, faculty, and operations.

  $5 million in donations will be added to the endowment.

  Competitive tuition and fees will be implemented.

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