Sophomore Slump

Sophomores experience a whole new set of stressors as they return to the college campus.

  • Unlike freshman, you receive fewer warnings about the dos and don’ts of college life.
  • You are expected to know how things work.
  • You are pushed to declare a major, find an internship and decide whether or not to study abroad.

No wonder some students fall into the Sophomore Slump.

Are You Experiencing the Sophomore Slump?

Sophomore year is a time of uncertainty and a time for growth. Do you find yourself wondering . . .

  • What am I doing here at Baker University?
  • Why do I have more questions now than when I first got here?
  • Who are these people I hang around with that I thought were my friends?
  • Why am I majoring in this if I don’t even like it?
  • Why am I constantly overwhelmed?
  • Why do I only find the negatives in my life?
  • Why don’t I find time to relax?
  • Why am I so uncertain about my future?
  • Why am I not having as much fun as last year?
  • Why am I ready to cry if the smallest thing goes wrong?
  • Why do I feel like my parents are constantly pressuring me to know what I want to do with my life?
  • Does everyone have this all figured out but me?
  • Why am I so unmotivated or anxious or both?

If you have asked three or more of these questions since arriving at Baker this semester, you could be suffering from Sophomore Slump.

Now What?

Baker offers resources and strategies to cope with the Sophomore Slump.