Coping with the Sophomore Slump

If you think that you might be experiencing the Slump, try these coping methods.

Take care of your general physical well-being.

  • Eat regularly
  • Sleep regularly
  • Exercise

Talk to your academic advisor.

  • Explore classes that look fascinating.
  • Take a class for fun or self-expression.
  • Make a personal connection with a faculty member.
  • Explore options for academic support.

Find interesting extracurricular activities.

Talk to someone from the Counseling Center.

  • Sophomore Slump is normal.
  • Determine whether your schedule is too demanding.
  • Identify underlying stressors.
  • Learn means to assert your growing identity.

Visit Career Services.

  • Explore opportunities.
  • Ask questions.
  • Talk with others who have experienced the Slump.

Talk with the University minister about Spiritual Life.

  • Explore meaning and purpose.
  • Develop a meaningful relationship.
  • Increase interaction with college personnel and services.

Explore Fraternity and Sorority Life.

  • Learn leadership skills.
  • Form lifelong friends.

Dine with the Dean.

Meals for small groups of sophomores hosted by the Dean of Students

  • Take this opportunity to reflect on your experiences to date and issues that affect campus life.
  • Watch your email inbox for an invitation to one of seven monthly dinners.