Baker University Student Health Service

The Student Health Center is dedicated to supporting the education and development of students by promoting their optimal health and well-being.

Health history forms and required immunizations are mandatory for all new students.

health history

health history pdf

The Student Health Center is a walk-in clinic; an appointment is not necessary. We are staffed by a nurse practitioner. Limited diagnostic testing and some medications are available at the health center. The cost is covered by your tuition. Students are financially responsible for physician referrals, testing and medication not available in the health center, as well as hospital emergency room visits, ambulance service and hospitalization.

Medical History & Immunizations Policy

Documentation Deadlines

Student Health Services must have verification and documentation of a student’s compliance with required immunizations and screenings by the indicated deadlines:

  • All students:
    • August 1 for fall semester
    • December 1 for Interterm
    • January 1 for spring semester
    • Or within two weeks of admission to the university; whichever is latest
  • Residential students are required to complete this documentation, along with the health history form, before to moving into university-owned housing.

Required Immunizations

All documents must be verified by Baker University Student Health Center staff. Students who are unable to verify their immunization history must be re-immunized:

  1. MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) immunization. Two doses required at least 28 days apart for students born after 1956.
  2. Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis) immunization booster within the last 10 years.
  3. Meningitis (MCV4) immunization. Two doses of MCV4 are recommended. If the first dose is given before the 16th birthday, then a booster is required.
  4. Polio series completed. Primary series, doses at least 28 days apart. Three primary series are acceptable.
  5. Completion of the TB (tuberculosis) screening questionnaire (see health history form). If further testing is deemed necessary, the Student Health Center will notify student via university email. The student will have until October 1 to have testing completed.
  6. ALL NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS coming to Baker University are required to have a Quantiferon Gold TB blood test and documentation of results before moving into campus housing. This test must be completed no more than six months before move in. If student has received treatment for tuberculosis, documentation of treatment is required. The Quantiferon Gold test can be ordered by Baker University Student Health Center to be completed at a local testing facility for a fee if not completed or documentation is not available from home country. A $75 fee will be charged to the student’s account. A chest X-ray is required for students with a positive Quantiferon test.

Proof of Immunization

Students are required to submit one of the following as proof of immunization:

  • A personal immunization record signed by a health care provider
  • A physician or clinic report stating all immunization records or blood titers
  • A copy of school immunization record

A waiver can be signed for religious/philosophical exemption. If the wavier is signed, a student is required to have counseling with the nurse practitioner and is informed that in the case of any outbreak of disease such as measles, mumps, rubella or meningitis, the student must leave campus temporarily. Once the threat of the disease is over, the student will be allowed to return to campus.

Noncompliance Action

Compliance is managed by the Student Health Center and strictly enforced. In the absence of required immunization documentation, the following actions may be in order:

  • All students who do not complete this requirement:
    • Will have five calendar days from the first date of classes to produce records or receive new immunizations
    • After this date, students will have an academic HOLD placed on his or her account. With this hold in place, the student is restricted from using major functions of the Office of the Registrar (e.g., prohibited from preenrollment activities).
    • Health Center Staff will remove the hold when it has been determined that the student has met compliance standards.
  • Residential students who do not complete this requirement:
    • Will have five calendar days from the date of move-in to produce records or receive new immunizations.
    • After this date, students may be required to leave university housing with no refund.
    • Students may return upon proof of required immunizations.

Additional Paperwork for Athletes

All athletes must complete an additional physical by a medical doctor before being allowed to participate in their sport. The form is available on the Sports Medicine pages of the Baker University athletic website.

Health Insurance

A voluntary health insurance plan is available, through the Office of Human Resources. Students who are not covered by their parents’ health insurance are encouraged to enroll. Insurance coverage is mandatory for international students and student-athletes.

Missed Class Because of Illness

If it is necessary to miss class because of injury or illness, it is the student's responsibility to contact his or her professors. It is at the discretion of the professor whether to grant an excused absence. Information can be requested from the health center. Absences of more than three consecutive days should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs.

After Hours

Students who live in a residence hall and become ill in the evening or on a weekend should contact a resident assistant or hall manager. The assistants are trained in first aid. For nonemergency care, you can be seen at Prompt Care in Lawrence, 3511 Clinton Pkwy Pl #B, 785.838.1500, at the student’s expense. If immediate emergency care is needed, dial 911 for Douglas County Sheriff’s Emergency Service, 24 hours a day.