Why Go Greek?

Academic Excellence

With an abundance of resources and a built-in support system, Greek members consistently excel in the classroom. Each chapter sets academic standards for its members and mandatory study hours. And perhaps most important, juniors and seniors in the chapter can provide valuable insight into the the academic challenges younger members face.


Of all our alumni groups, Greek members consistently are the most engaged. Students develop lifelong friendships with the other members of their chapter, but also gain a wealth of connections and networking opportunities that frequently produce jobs after graduation.

Charitable Service

Baker’s fraternities and sororities work to make the world a better place. Each chapter dedicates time and funds throughout the school year to a chief philanthropy. The fight against domestic violence and breast cancer, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and several other organizations are all heavily supported by Baker Greeks.

greekvideoSeveral Baker sorority women share their thoughts on the advantages of becoming involved with Greek life on campus.