Academic Advising

Students who have questions about their advising assignment, who would like to change advisors, or who need assistance finding advising resources may contact SAS for help.

SAS processes pdfadvisor change requests. A signature from the requested faculty member is needed.


All freshmen are automatically assigned to be advised by their First Year Experience instructor or that instructor's faculty partner. You will meet with your advisor to enroll for Interterm and the spring 2011 semester. As a freshman you may change your advisor after the completion of the FYE class at the end of fall semester.

Advising FAQ

How do I change my advisor?

Once you have decided on a major, it is best to be advised by a faculty member in that specific department. To change your advisor you need to complete a pdfchange of advisor request form. You may also pick up the form outside the SAS office, located on the lower level of Collins Library, Room 120. This form requires the signature of the faculty member you are requesting. Once the form is signed, return it to the SAS office for processing.

How many times may I change my advisor?

There is no limit on the number of times you may change your advisor. However, developing a meaningful relationship with your advisor is extremely important.

Do I need my advisor's signature to add or drop a class?

Yes, your advisor must sign the change of enrollment form so that you can adjust your schedule. A pdfchange of enrollment form can also be found outside the Office of the Registrar.

Please note that change of enrollment forms are submitted to the Office of the Registrar on the lower level on Constant Hall.

How do I contact my advisor?

The best way to contact your advisor is to use email or phone to set up a time to meet. Access the campus directory.