Access Services

Academic accommodations provide access to learning.

Baker University is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to all students who meet academic admission requirements. Access Services, in the lower level of Collins Library, provides comprehensive support services to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

  • SAS serves students with documented physical, psychological or learning disabilities, as well as temporary medical conditions requiring accommodations.
  • Temporary accommodations include reassigning classroom locations, testing in the SAS Testing Center and more. Specific accommodations are evaluated case by case, and medical documentation may be required.
  • Permanent accommodations require documentation and verification procedures.

Students who have or believe they may have a disability are encouraged to visit with an SAS staff member.

Download pdfAccess Services Policies and Procedures


Kathy Wilson
Student Academic Success Coordinator
ADA Title II Coordinator, Study Abroad Advisor
Collins Library 120
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accommodations Process

Students with documented disabilities meet with the coordinator of Access Services to request accommodations. Examples of accommodations include but are not limited to advocacy, extended test time, testing environment with minimal distractions, note-taking services, assistive technology, assessment referral, registration assistance, accessibility and liaison to University academic service areas and to community agencies.

  • The student contacts Access Services and asks for accommodations.
  • The student should provide Access Services with recent, professional documentation of disability.
  • Access Services and the student work together to determine accommodations. Instructors will consulted when necessary.
  • Access Services prepares paperwork stating the approved accommodations.
  • A memo from Access Services is provided to instructors.
  • Accommodations are provided.
  • The student and Access Services evaluate the accommodations with input from instructor.