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ACTIVE MINDS | A healthier you for a healthier BU

Active Minds empowers students to change the perception about mental health on campus, lower the stigma surrounding mental illness, and to raise awareness through planning campus events.

The Baker University chapter is the 244th chapter of Active Minds, Inc. and the very first chapter in the state of Kansas. Our chapter specifically focuses on depression, suicide ideation, stress/anxiety, and eating disorders.

Active Minds at BU has been recognized nationally by headquarters as a 5 Star Chapter. This means that our chapter is considered outstanding in the areas of administration, communication, leadership, meetings/events, and outreach.

Active Minds, Inc., is a national collegiate organization.


“Baker Active Minds is an organization that works to end the stigma that is attached to having a mental illness.  We want to show people that it is okay to have this issue, and that there is a way to combat mental issues.  It is so fulfilling to be able to work with a group of individuals that want to work towards a greater good.”
PARKS | Active Minds President, Class of 2017


Tim Hodges
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Director of Counseling Center
Office: Counseling Center

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