BRāV works to end sexual violence by raising awareness and by empowering all members of the Baker community to create and maintain a safe environment.

A Safe Campus: Everyone’s Responsibility

Sexual violence affects everyone. It changes how we think about ourselves. It affects our ability to feel safe and empowered. It makes us fear each other.

Too often we remain silent. We’re afraid to get involved. We think it’s none of our business. We think that there is nothing we can do.

But we all have a responsibility to stand up. We all have an obligation to speak out against sexual violence. We all have an obligation to keep ourselves, our peers and our campus safe.

If we don’t take a stand, who will?

Peer Educators

BRāV Peer Educators conduct interactive, educational sessions for their peers in fraternity and sorority houses, in residence halls, in classes, at athletic team meetings and at other student functions throughout the year.

BRāV Peer Educators provide a vital service to the Baker community because they:

  • Help dispel myths about sexual assault and acquaintance rape
  • Eliminate silence about sexual violence on college campuses
  • Teach their peers to recognize sexually inappropriate behavior
  • Promote healthy dialogue about sexual attitudes and behaviors
  • Give Baker students the tools for effective bystander intervention

Speak Up. Become a Peer Educator.

To apply for the BRāV Peer Educator program, contact staff advisor Randy Flowers.


BRāV is an organization dedicated to educating people about issues regarding sexual violence. It focuses on the entire spectrum of issues ranging from how to comfort a friend who has suffered a traumatic experience to small things we do every day that contribute to an unsafe environment. The media constantly shows us that college students need to be educated about sexual violence more and more.

BRāV has really shaped Baker, and it also has profound impacts on its members. BRāV helps students define their beliefs, then it gives them a way to educate others in a productive way. As Baker graduates move up in the world, BRāV gives a foundation of how to think about sexual violence and engage their peers in a responsible and well-educated way.

BEN | BRāV Member, Class of 2015


Randy Flowers
Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Student Life
Office: Long Student Center 18

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