University Admissions Assistants are the bright, smiling undergraduates who lead campus tours for prospective Baker students and their families and escort them to scheduled appointments. They also arrange overnight visits for prospective students and host group activities and discussions during the visits.

Because UAAs are such a visible and important part of the Office of Admissions, the team consists of a select group of students. UAAs must know the history, traditions and stories that make Baker such a unique and special place so they can help prospective students choose the college that is best for them. UAAs are available for events such as BU Visit Days, Scholarship Competition Day, and other campus events as assigned.

The ideal UAA candidate possesses the following characteristics:

  • Enthusiasm for Baker University
  • Pride in Baker University
  • Flexibility
  • Sense of humor
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Sincere concern for others
  • Ability to motivate self and others
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Ability to be a team player
  • Ability to honor commitments
  • Ability to communicate maturely and effectively with diverse groups of people
  • Ability to manage time effectively
  • Interest in student activities, organizations and events

To Apply

Applications are available in early April. Interviews are conducted in late April, and UAA selections are made at the beginning of May.


Stephen | Kansas City, Kansas

“The diversity, the teachers, the professors’ willingness to work with you in sports and your other activities, and sorority and fraternity life are the best parts about Baker.”

Jasmine | Garnett

“Come to Baker, it’s like you’re leaving your family to make a new family. Baker is just an extension of home to me now. You don’t just form casual friendships with the people you meet in class. You form bonds, longtime relationships that become family.”

Hunter | Wellsville

“When people say your professors care, they really do. They want the best for you. Baker is unique in that. You’re able to connect with your professors. That’s what I love about Baker.”

Isabel | Topeka

“I thought I didn’t want to stay in Kansas. I wanted to branch out, so I went to Minnesota for a year. It was a really hard experience. Fast-forward, and Baker has been better than I ever could have imagined. Don’t be so determined on jet setting or saying ‘Oh, I’m going to have a million adventures.’ You can have adventures here too. It is more about forming genuine relationships than doing the next big thing or being in a big city. That was fun and all, but the human relationships are the most important part of the college experience.”

Chandler | Topeka

“I have a little family history here. My grandmother graduated from here in 1956, so it was always on my radar. Coming out of high school, I really wanted to play football. It’s a great atmosphere for me. I also wanted to do something in the sciences, and I knew Baker has great science programs. And the campus size! I came from a bigger high school of around 1,800 kids. I liked the idea of a small campus and a tight community.”

Jarrett | Overland Park

“I’m a lifelong K-Stater; my whole family went to K-State. But it only took one visit for me to come here. That one visit, the community, walking around campus and the town as a whole: I felt at home already. I love how much pride there is on campus. I think people get really excited about everything, and that’s awesome. I think being able to contribute and seeing your contribution make a difference, have an impact, that’s my favorite part about Baker.”

Nicolasa | Lawrence

“It took me two visits to make my decision to come to Baker. My second tour was personalized, just one-on-one with a student. She gave me her story, and it made me visualize what it was like to come to this campus. I could feel the community and the faculty that really supported you and helped you every step of the way. What sealed the deal for me was meeting the faculty.”

Cheleia | Kansas City, Kansas

“Your professors really believe in self-care. Other universities, you come to class, you don’t come to class, they don’t care. They remind us to drink water, to take care when it’s snowing, all that stuff. My favorite thing about Baker would be the orientation week when we all get together. It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in, your ethnicity, your culture, we all just get together and have a fun time.”

Hadley | Wichita

“I think because it’s so small, that’s what elevates it over larger state colleges. The professors care; they know who you are. You’re not just another number. You’re your own person here. The great thing about that is you’re not expected to be anyone here. You’re just expected to be the best person you can be. You’re given those opportunities here. They want us to be the best.”


Eva Durand, BS '92, MLA '99
Director of Campus Visit Experience
Office: Denious Hall

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