Weather Procedures

Your safety is important.


Baker University has established policies and procedures to ensure your safety during severe weather. Check for class cancellation announcements in the case of inclement weather.

Winter Weather & Class Cancellation Policy

Because of the unique nature of the Baker University accelerated programs, all classes missed because of inclement weather must be made up.

Experience has demonstrated that weather and road conditions can change dramatically during the midday hours. Therefore, Baker University determines class cancellations at 3 p.m. The decision to close is made with concern for safety as well as inconvenience caused to students and faculty when makeup is required. Master of Arts in Education cohorts that meet in school district locations do not meet if the host district closes schools.

How You Will Know Class is Cancelled

The announcement of class cancellation due to inclement weather is communicated to students, faculty and staff three ways:

  1. Students, faculty and staff will be contacted through the Baker University B-Alert text and email messaging system. Sign up for B-Alert to receive weather cancellation text messages.
  2. Students, faculty and staff will find weather cancellations posted on the website at  by 4 p.m.
  3. Students will find weather cancellations posted in their Baker University Student Portal.

Either prior to or during the next scheduled class meeting, the group and the instructor determine a date for the makeup session.

Extending the calendar is not an option because it may impact graduation deadlines, completion dates, instructor assignments, planned holidays for students, VA benefits and financial aid. Facility availability is another factor in scheduling makeup class sessions, so Baker University also accommodates class makeup sessions on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings for rescheduling due to weather cancellations.



The instructor specialist (SPGS) or the coordinator of programs (GSOE) coordinates the makeup decision with the instructor, and distributes an email to the class representative (cohort classes) or members of the class (open enrollment) to confirm the classroom location designated for the makeup session.

Severe Weather Policy & Procedure

In the event of severe weather warnings (dangerous thunderstorms or tornado warnings), the following procedures are to be followed in all Baker University facilities.

The University’s building administrator monitors the weather forecasts and announcements. If a tornado or severe weather warning is issued, he or she will visit each classroom to notify faculty and students of the situation. Faculty and students will follow the directions of the University’s building administrator and move to the recommended safe areas of the building. These safe areas are posted in each classroom of the Baker facilities.

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Emergency Procedures

Faculty and students are advised to follow the emergency procedures recommended by the emergency management team:

  • Remain in the building. Occupants should not attempt to vacate the premise, drive, or seek shelter in cars.
  • Seek shelter immediately in interior rooms on the lowest level.
  • Evacuate all offices, rooms or hallways with windows and glass or with exterior walls.
  • Move to interior areas (such as classrooms, halls, restrooms, storage areas) and, if possible, take shelter under tables or desks. Every attempt should be made to put as many walls as possible between occupants and the outside.
  • Lie low with hands covering the back of your head to reduce injury.
  • Wait for an “all clear” signal before resuming activity.

Baker University faculty are asked to announce in classes that all students are to follow the severe weather procedures and follow the directions of the building administrator when severe weather warnings have been issued.

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