Art at Baker

Baker art students improve their skills, find employment after graduation and learn more about themselves through three degree options:

Art Education

Art education graduates lead classrooms in public and private schools at the elementary through high school level. They share their love of art and guide and inspire younger generations.

Art History

Art history graduates manage corporate and private art collections, work in museums, galleries, auction houses and in art preservation and restoration.

Gain Experience Usually Reserved for Graduate Students

Studio Art

Studio art majors find jobs as gallery or museum techs. As professional artists they work as designers of websites, books and stage sets and as product and graphic designers. They also serve as illustrators, photographers, functional potters, cartoonists, and muralists.

Learn from Working Artists

  • In addition to teaching, our studio art faculty exhibit their work in galleries and museums.
  • Faculty are skilled in a wide array of disciplines: ceramics, sculpture, design, painting, drawing, digital media and photography.