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School of Nursing

Accreditation, Licensure, Mission & Outcomes


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School of Nursing - BSN Program

Accreditation, Mission  & Outcomes

School of Nursing

Baker University School of Nursing develops resilient, mindful, and accomplished nurses equipped to make significant contributions to the health of the populations they serve.

We have achieved this by providing life-changing opportunities to our students and by maintaining a sharp focus on our mission and what is most important: to educate and nurture new generations and send them out into the world to change their communities.

Accreditation & Licensure Requirements  


In addition to Baker University’s accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (312.263.0456, hlcommission.org), the BSN program is approved by the Kansas State Board of Nursing. The baccalaureate and the master’s degree programs in nursing at Baker University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org).

Kansas State Board of Nursing Licensure Requirements

Applicants and current students are advised that nursing licenses may be denied or disciplined by the KSBN. Possible grounds for such action may include being guilty of any felony or being guilty of a misdemeanor that involves an illegal drug offense if the KSBN determines that such person has not been sufficiently rehabilitated to warrant the public trust. No license shall be granted to a person with a felony conviction for a crime against persons. Patterns of practice and other behaviors exhibiting an apparent incapacity to practice nursing are also considered. All criminal convictions must be revealed to KSBN on initial application for licensure and will be evaluated before a license is granted. The KSBN requires fingerprinting and a criminal background check as part of the application process for licensure. Further information may be obtained by accessing the Nurse Practice Act KSA 65-1120 and by contacting the KSBN.


Professional Licensure Requirements by State for Baker University School of Nursing Program

The Department of Education’s Federal Regulations 34 CFR 668.43 (a)(5)(v) is a mandate for each school of nursing to inform students of whether their program curriculum, both distance education programs and face-to-face programs, meet the state requirements for each program that leads to licensure or certification.

In compliance with this regulation, this page provides the assessment of Baker University’s prelicensure nursing curriculum and ability to meet the requirements for professional nursing licensure in other states.

Disclaimer: Baker University has made a strong effort to provide a comprehensive, accurate assessment of the information provided regarding state requirements; it does not guarantee its completeness or accuracy or timeliness of this information due to its evolving nature.
The student is ultimately responsible for verification and contact with the State Board of Nursing of the respective state about their ability to apply for licensure and to take the NCLEX-RN.

Individual state requirement information can be found at www.ncsbn.org

State Board of Nursing RN licensure requirements are met with Baker University School of Nursing curriculum
Alabama MET
Alaska MET
American Samoa MET
Arizona MET
Arkansas MET
California MET
Colorado MET
Connecticut MET
Delaware MET
District of Columbia MET
Florida MET
Georgia MET
Guam MET
Hawaii MET
Idaho MET
Illinois MET
Indiana MET
Iowa MET
Kansas MET
Kentucky MET
Louisiana MET
Maine MET
Maryland MET
Massachusetts MET
Michigan MET
Minnesota MET
Mississippi MET
State Board of Nursing RN licensure requirements are met with Baker University School of Nursing curriculum
Missouri MET
Montana MET
Nebraska MET
Nevada MET
New Hampshire MET
New Jersey MET
New Mexico MET
New York MET
North Carolina MET
North Dakota MET
Ohio MET
Oklahoma MET
Oregon MET
Pennsylvania MET
Rhode Island MET
South Carolina MET
South Dakota MET
Tennessee MET
Texas MET
Utah MET
Vermont MET
Virginia MET
Washington MET
West Virginia MET
Wisconsin MET
Wyoming MET

School of Nursing


Through scholarship, leadership, innovation, and collaboration graduates will transform health care delivery within a culture of diversity across the continuum of care.

BSN Mission

Baker University School of Nursing develops resilient, mindful, and accomplished nurses equipped to make significant contributions to the health of the populations they serve.

MSN Mission

Baker University School of Nursing provides graduate education to assist professional nurses in achieving their personal goals, sustaining professional commitment, and meeting emerging health care needs of diverse populations.


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Program Goals

The School of Nursing strives to accomplish the following:

  1. Offer a nursing curriculum that builds upon a strong foundation in liberal arts, sciences and standards of professional nursing practice.
  2. Provide an environment of learning through a partnership between students and faculty, dedicated to academic excellence and freedom of expression and community service.
  3. Retain a well-qualified faculty who are committed to excellence in teaching and participation in scholarship, service, professional development and nursing practice.
  4. Facilitate a constructive, productive and energizing work atmosphere environment where open, constructive communication, decision making, flexibility and self-growth are valued.
  5. Support opportunities for faculty and students to use current technology and learning resources in a variety of settings.
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