Professor Russ Horton with two female students hanging art work

Holt-Russell Gallery

Featuring art by students, faculty and local, national, and international artists

Holt-Russell Gallery

Russell Horton

Director Holt-Russell Gallery, Assistant Professor of Art

Parmenter Hall, 706 Dearborn St.


Housed in historic Parmenter Hall on the Baldwin City campus, the Holt-Russell Gallery features art by students, faculty, and local, national, and international artists.

Students exhibit their work in an annual juried student art show. In addition, students work as preparers, curators, and organizers of their senior exhibitions.

The Holt-Russell Gallery is located on the second floor of Parmenter Hall at 706 Dearborn St.


Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed weekends and major holidays

  • Masks are required.
  • The gallery occupancy is limited to 15.

Linda Lewis: Becoming

Sept. 18 – Oct. 23

For the last few years Linda Lewis has been making figurative sculptures from clay that focus on how we become who we are: as a human, a community, a nation.  She has always had a curiosity about why people are who they are. What makes them love certain things and hate others? How did they become skilled at tending a garden or working with people? How do they become compassionate instead of uncaring? How do they view the world and why? What makes some people happy and others cranky?  What makes some communities more successful (at least on the surface) than others? Lots of questions.  Linda wanted to represent “becoming.” Becoming successful or happy or a dreamer or unsatisfied or loving or courageous, whatever the life circumstances.

This exhibit takes a small look at some of these questions.  Hopefully you’ll form your own questions and observations and will conjure an image to represent just how you became who you are.

Ceramic sculpture of a man standing