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Master of Science in Nursing

Choose from two tracks: Nursing Education and Nursing Administration

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Marlene Eicher

School of Nursing

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

Earn a Coveted Master of Science in Nursing

Whether you want to become a nurse leader or educate the next generation of nurses, Baker University’s online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) gives you an edge.

Our curriculum is led by welcoming faculty who share your passion for nursing and have expertise ranging from pediatrics and DEI to population health. They integrate advanced nursing theory with evidence-based nursing practices.

Are you ready to take your national certification exam? Prepare by taking a 15-week course designed specifically for nurses planning to take one of the tests.

You’ll explore nursing education and administration before you pick your path.

    • MSN in Nursing Education: Prepare to teach the next generation of expert clinicians and nursing faculty.
    • MSN in Nursing Administration: Get ready to lead nursing teams and build practice standards.

Baker’s academic advising team acts as your partner as you earn an MSN degree. We’ll help you plan your courses so you can efficiently earn a Master of Science in Nursing while maintaining your work as a nurse.

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Degree Details: Master of Science in Nursing

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. You can join the nursing master’s program at Baker without relocating or leaving your full-time job.

  • Get your MSN degree online from anywhere.
  • Classes start in January, June, and August.
  • Finish coursework quickly with accelerated courses.
  • Earn your degree in as few as two years, depending on transfer credits.

Start the journey toward your Master of Science in Nursing by taking the first step in the admissions process.


Program Highlights: Master of Science in Nursing

Earning an MSN from Baker means you get freedom to do what works best for you. Take the next step at a pace you can handle. Start slowly and ease into the program or dive right in to finish as quickly as possible.

Here’s what else you can expect as you earn a Master of Science in Nursing at Baker:

Learn from exceptional faculty. Our own nurse educators prompt you to think creatively, apply what you learn, and take your skills to the next level.

Make the most of your time. Learn more than you ever thought possible in such a short time. Study nursing theory, explore nursing policy, and discover the advanced nursing roles you’ll qualify for.

Seize new opportunities. Our online nursing master’s program increases your earning power, positions you as a leader, sharpens your nursing skills, and helps you elevate the nursing profession at a time when clinicians have never been more important.

Earn an MSN with accreditation. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) granted accreditation to Baker’s Master of Science in Nursing program, verifying the quality and integrity of our nursing education programs.

Dual Degree Option | MSN + MBA

If you have thought about getting involved in the business side of health care or want to move into an executive position, you need to understand business fundamentals, and an MBA offers this knowledge. Combine that with your patient-care experience and you bring a unique perspective to the business arena that other MBAs lack. Take just 18 to 24 hours of MBA courses in the transformational studies concentration and earn a second master’s degree.

You are also eligible for a 10% alumni tuition discount.

MSN + MBA Dual Degree

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Exceptional Experiences: Nursing Master’s Program

Join an inclusive, supportive program. Our program is small by design so our faculty and staff are accessible. Although you never have to come to campus, you have full access to powerful resources like personal career advisers who help you pick courses and practicums.

Help fill health care gaps. Hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing care facilities, and schools need nurse leaders and educators to provide exceptional patient care and make decisions to drive better outcomes—and prepare future nurses to do the same.

Continue your nursing career. Don’t leave your full-time job or spend time away from family to earn an MSN degree online. Our Master of Science in Nursing offers 24/7 flexibility. Switch between full and part time or pause for up to 12 months.

Boost your income. An MSN can help you qualify for higher-paying nursing jobs. An online nursing master’s program from Baker provides financial security and career outcomes you can be proud of.


What Can You Do With a Master of Science in Nursing?

You’re already a nurse—but adding an MSN behind your name enhances your skills, your income, and your decision-making expertise.

Lead in a confident, effective way. Take on new challenges. Prepare for a doctorate to advance your nursing practice even more or build a career in academics.

With an MSN from Baker, you’re on a direct path to career advancement. Be qualified for critical health care roles:

  • Chief nursing officer or executive
  • Director of nursing
  • Forensic nurse consultant
  • Nurse administrator
  • Nurse consultant
  • Nurse educator
  • Nurse manager
  • Nurse researcher

Financial Aid: MSN Degree

The online nursing master’s program at Baker is more affordable than you might think. You’ll find the return on investment you’re looking for with Baker University’s highly ranked online programs.

Our Master of Science in Nursing program is recognized by SR Education Group as one of the most affordable. Baker is a top college when it comes to value.

Financial Aid Options

Tuition & Fees

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Baker Is Military Friendly

Military Advanced Education named Baker University one of America’s Top Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities. Veterans and active-duty service members and their spouses may qualify for tuition discounts.

Military Benefits

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Meet Our Nursing Master’s Program Students

“Baker University School of Nursing’s faculty and staff are exceptional, and I cannot imagine furthering my education elsewhere. The MSN program has exceeded my expectations.”

—Sarah | MSN, Class of 2019

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Example Courses: Nursing Master’s Program

As you pursue the online nursing master’s program at Baker, you’ll take classes like these:

  • Role Development for Advanced Leadership: Prepare to lead interdisciplinary teams as you explore organizational structure, complexity science, systems analysis, group role theory, communication, conflict resolution, and change process.
  • Health Care Policy: Analyze the evolving U.S. health care system and nurses’ role in shaping health care policy. Analyze current trends related to regulation, cost, quality, and access.
  • Applied Theories for Advancing Quality Care: Explore concepts, theories, and principles from nursing and related disciplines, including interrelationships among nursing theory, research, and practice.
  • Quality Improvement and Informatics Applications: Learn how to identify, collect, process, and manage data and information to support programs that are relevant to nursing practice.

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Related Programs at Baker University

If you already have an ADN, then our ADN to MSN online program can help you earn an MSN degree faster. It eliminates repetition, allows you to progress at your own pace, and shortens your time to graduation.

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, then explore Baker’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Meet the Faculty 


Libby Rosen

Dean and Professor; RN, PhD

B.S.N. Washburn University, Ph.D. University of Kansas

Office: School of Nursing


Marlene Eicher

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Professor, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

B.S.N. Baker University, M.S.N. Washburn University, D.N.P. Pittsburg State University

Office: School of Nursing


Amanda Schuster

Assistant Professor; MSN, BSN, RN

B.S.N. University of Arkansas, M.S.N. Fort Hays State University

Office: School of Nursing


Ashley Seematter

Assistant Professor; BSN, RN

B.S.N. Fort Hays State University, M.S.N. Baker University

Office: School of Nursing


Denise Johnson

Assistant Professor; RN, BSN, MSN, APRN

B.S.N. University of Kansas, M.S.N. University of Kansas

Office: School of Nursing

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Vicky McGrath

Assistant Professor

B.S.N. Washburn University, M.B.A. Baker University, D.N.P. University of Kansas

Office: School of Nursing