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STUDY ABROAD | Explore Your World

Recent Baker students have studied throughout western Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand, China, Mexico, Hungary, and Turkey.

Baker offers a full range of options worldwide, in almost any discipline:

  • Our study abroad director helps you find a program to match your needs and interests.
  • Combine challenging academic course work with international travel and cultural exploration.
  • Many English- and world-language programs are offered around the globe.
  • Credits will transfer from approved programs, and most financial awards can be applied to study abroad programs.

Students also have the opportunity to travel internationally during interterm.

Recent locations:

  • Eastern and Western Europe
  • Spain
  • Iceland
  • Netherlands


During the January interterm period, after Christmas break but before the official start of the spring semester, Baker students have the opportunity to travel the globe with their professors. Interterm is a unique, immersive experience that uses travel to develop well-rounded global citizens. In 2016, Baker students traveled to Amsterdam, England, France, Germany, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Spain.

These are their stories, told through pictures submitted by students themselves using the hashtag #BakerTravels.

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  • Most Baker University financial awards and scholarships can be applied to study abroad for one full semester.
  • Most federal, state, and private scholarships, grants, and loans apply.
  • Most program providers offer specific study abroad scholarship opportunities.


If you don’t speak another language or feel you are not ready for full immersion, many programs exist for study of language at all levels. Study abroad is a perfect time to start learning a language you always wanted to know.


Credits will transfer from approved programs. Strategic planning ensures no lost time.

Steps for study abroad

Study Abroad Checklist

Studying abroad requires planning, both to ensure you are eligible and properly documented for your program of choice and to determine how your course work abroad will meet your graduation requirements at Baker University.

Below are steps for preparing for your study abroad experience.

  1. Verify and maintain eligibility:
    • Minimum 2.0 GPA (specific programs may have higher requirements)
    • Sophomore standing (at least 30 credit hours completed)
    • Good standing with the Office of Student Affairs
  2. Schedule an appointment with Student Academic Success staff.
  3. Research your options.
  4. Acquire a passport.
  5. Check with the Office of Financial Aid.
  6. Begin discussions with your academic advisor.
  7. Select a program.
  8. Apply for selected program(s).
  9. Take completed application to the Office of Study Abroad for review and approval.
  10. Acquire visa, if required. Please follow instructions from your individual program provider regarding visas; requirements vary widely from country to country and are in a constant state of flux. Your program provider will have the most up-to-date information for your program and location.
  11. Attend mandatory study abroad meeting (usually in November for spring study abroad students, April for summer and fall students).
  12. Meet with your Baker advisor regarding course selection. Select several alternate courses.
  13. Meet with the Office of the Registrar to complete the Transfer Course Equivalencies form. Include several alternate courses; sometimes enrollment in a particular course cannot be confirmed until after your arrival.

Spend a Semester at Harlaxton College | Grantham, England

Baker is proud of its premier partnership with Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. More than 500 Baker students have studied at Harlaxton, which was ranked the world’s No. 1 study abroad destination in 2015 by Best College Reviews. Harlaxton is the British campus of the University of Evansville. 

Find Your Program

Baker University’s director of study abroad, Dr. Robyn Long, works with the following program providers to offer you a full range of global opportunities. All Baker students must go through Baker’s Office of Study Abroad in order to maintain enrollment and to be considered for academic credit transfer and financial aid consideration.

Interterm Travel Opportunities

Art & Science of the Seashore | Summerterm 2019

May 31 – June 17, 2019

Instructor | Dr. Scott Kimball |

Destination | Atlantic Coast, USA, including overnight stays at:

  • Anastasia State Park, Augustine, FL
  • Skidaway Island State Park, Savannah, GA
  • Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, Norfolk, VA
  • Assateague Island State Park, Ocean City, MD
  • Nickerson State Park, Cape Cod, MA
  • Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME

While camping in state and national parks, students will:

  • Explore the natural history of coastal habitats (such as beaches, dunes, barrier islands, estuaries, tidal marshes, and rocky intertidal zones) through hands-on interactions (such as birding, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, etc.)
  • Produce artwork that evokes and is inspired by the seashore (painting, drawing, photography, poetry, essays/short stories, music composition, etc.)
  • Experience coastal cuisine (especially seafood, but including local produce)


  • Nonrefundable deposit: $300 (due no later than October 31, space is limited to 10 students)
  • Total trip cost: $1,100, excluding most meals and incidental/discretionary expenses.

Information meetings:

  • September 7, 2018, 3:00PM
  • October 286, 2018, 3:00PM


  • $300 deposit: October 31, 2018
  • Full $1,100: February 28, 2019


Robyn Long
Director of Study Abroad
Mabee Hall 206

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