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School of Nursing

MSN Program of Study

The robust online curriculum integrates advanced nursing theory with evidence-based nursing practices. Graduates will apply these skills to careers in nursing education and nursing administration.

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Marlene Eicher

School of Nursing

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

Precore or Concurrent

Credit hours Course
3 MA 500/MAT 500 Statistics and Analysis

Core Program*

Credit hours Course
3 NU 510 Applied Theories for Advancing Quality Care
3 NU 520 Role Development for Advanced Leadership
2 NU 540 Quality Improvement & Informatics Applications
3 NU 550 Health Care Policy
3 NU 570 Research, Foundations for Evidence-Based Practice
3 NU 582 Advanced Health Assessment, Pathophysiology & Pharmacology
1 NU 595 Graduate Tools for Success
2 (2-4) NU 685 Graduate Scholarly Synthesis Project
Total credits for core: 23-25. Total credits for statistics, core, and chosen track: 32-34.

*Sequence may vary

Nursing Education Track

3  NU 610 Theories, Principles & Methods of Education
3  NU 620 Program Assessment & Outcomes Measurement
3  NU 630 Education Practicum
Total credits for track: 9

Nursing Administration Track

3 NU 650 Fundamentals of Organizational Management
3 NU 660 Health Care Financing/Economics
3 NU 670 Administration Practicum
Total credits for track: 9

Credit: Clock-Hour Equivalency

Consistent with best practices in higher education, Baker University readily subscribes to the federal definition of the credit hour endorsed by the Higher Learning Commission.

Driven by intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement, the credit hour is an institutionally established equivalency that reasonably approximates not less than one hour of classroom (or direct faculty) instruction and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class student work per week for the duration of the course enrollment period. If the course meets less than the traditional 15-week semester, the total time commitment for the class must be equivalent to the time required for a 15-week course.

MSN Course Descriptions

Core Courses

Nursing Education Track Courses

Nursing Administration Track Courses