Introducing Baker 360°!

Buying textbooks and paying for tutoring shouldn’t keep you from achieving your educational goals. This is why we’re so excited to offer Baker 360°, our comprehensive digital environment that serves your educational needs from day one to graduation. This online package is available exclusively to students in the School of Professional and Graduate Studies and provides everything you’ll need from eBooks, eLabs, and tutoring to career support and more. Baker 360° is your single-source, all-inclusive way to succeed at Baker and beyond! 

The Master of Science in Sports Management program is excluded from the Baker 360° program. Students will not be charged the Baker 360° fee and will obtain their own books. Other fees may apply.

Baker 360° is technology that works for you.

Baker 360° puts these resources at your fingertips:

  • High-quality eBooks for your courses
  • Six hours of tutoring per year, available 24/7
  • eLab online capabilities as a supplement to classroom instruction
  • Reviews of resumes and cover letters

Baker 360° is affordable.

The cost of $120 per course includes access to all your required books and course materials,  Microsoft Office Suite of products, and library services, all available from the first day of class.

Baker 360° is convenient.

Logging on is easy. Sign into Moodle, the course management system you’ll use for all your courses, and you’re all set!

Baker 360º FAQs

1. What is an eTextbook?
An eTextbook is a digital, downloadable version of a printed paper textbook. eTextbooks have become a more affordable and practical option over the heavy and more expensive printed textbooks. eTextbook readers have interactive features that allow a more engaging reading experience than with print textbooks.

2. How do I access my eTextbook?
Your eTextbooks are available immediately within your Moodle course. Note that your login/account will be used to access your books. You should not create a separate account.

3. What devices can I read an eTextbook on?
Read your textbooks on any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It is compatible with both Macs and PCs as well as iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Chromebook devices.

4. Can I access my eTextbook on more than one device?
Yes. You will be able to download and access your eTextbook onto two computers AND two mobile devices.

5. Can I print my eTextbook?
Yes, you can print your eTextbook for a $30 printing fee.

6. What’s the turnaround time for POD delivery when I order a print-on-demand text?
On average, delivery takes five to fifteen days processing plus shipping. There are exceptions for some specific formats. Some loose-leaf books may take a little longer to arrive.

7. Do I have to be connected to the internet to read my eTextbook?
No. You can access 100% of your eTextbooks without an internet connection. To access your eTextbooks offline, download the Bookshelf app onto your computer, tablet, or mobile device. To download Bookshelf, visit the support site.

8. If I want more than two hours of tutoring per term, is a fee involved?
Yes, the fee for additional tutoring during a term is $20 per hour and payments can be made through ManageMyAccount, under Baker 360º.

9. What if there isn’t an eTextbook for my course? Baker will have the university bookstore ship you the book two weeks before to class start date.
The book will be a rental and will need to be returned after the course is over.  Instructions for this return will be included with the book.  The rental fee for this book is covered in the $99 fee.

10. How long do I have access to an eTextbook?
Once you purchase your course materials, you will always have access to Baker 360°—even after graduation.

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