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Baker 360°

Our comprehensive digital environment that serves your educational needs from day one to graduation.

Baker 360°, offered exclusively to School of Professional and Graduate Studies students, puts these resources at your fingertips:

  • High-quality eBooks for your courses
  • Six hours of tutoring per year, available 24/7
  • eLab online capabilities as a supplement to classroom instruction
  • Reviews of resumes and cover letters

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Baker 360º FAQs

What is an eTextbook?

How do I access my eTextbook?

What devices can I read an eTextbook on?

Can I access my eTextbook on more than one device?

Can I print my eTextbook?

Do I have to be connected to the internet to read my eTextbook?

If I need more than six hours of tutoring each year, is a fee involved?

What if there isn’t an eTextbook for my course?

How long do I have access to an eTextbook?

What’s the turnaround time for POD delivery when I order a print-on-demand text?