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Academic Grievance Process

Baker University has established a formal process to address and resolve academic grievances.

What is an academic grievance?

An academic grievance is a complaint by a student specifically related to a grade, alleging arbitrary and capricious grading, which is defined as one of the following:

  • The assignment of a course grade to a student on some basis other than performance in the course
  • The assignment of a course grade to a student by resorting to unreasonable standards different from those that were applied by the same instructor to other students in that course
  • The assignment of a course grade by a substantial, unreasonable, and unannounced departure from the instructor’s previously articulated standards.

Informal Resolution

Your first option for resolving the academic grievance is through a discussion with your faculty member to resolve the grievance.   If an informal resolution cannot be determined, a formal academic grievance may be filed.  For formal processes, select your campus location.

College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education (Undergraduate Programs)

School of Education (Graduate Programs), School of Professional and Graduate Studies

School of Nursing