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Welcome to Baker

Orientation helps make your transition to Baker University as smooth as possible so you can focus on making friends, having fun, and getting an exceptional education.

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Office of Student Affairs

Macy Warburton

Executive Director of Student Affairs

Long Student Center 205

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Upcoming Dates

  • January 26, 2024

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Programs & Agendas

The full schedule for orientation sessions will be sent to you before your orientation date. You can plan for the day to last from approximately 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.



Orientation was essential for my peace of mind coming to college. I got all of the information I was looking for. I even got to speak to some of my professors and ask questions about the classes I was enrolled in.
I also found it extremely comforting that the Orientation Leaders were real students at the school that I still see around daily. This is why I became an Orientation Leader, first to ease the transition into college life and second to make new friends really quickly among the Orientation Leaders and incoming students!
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Orientation is one event that’s impact will stand out as nothing short of life changing. For the first time ever, the reality of college was setting in, and my orientation leaders eased not only my worries, but also my parents' with a sense of transparency and truthfulness that couldn’t be faked.
These orientation leaders truly cared about my success and were there to encourage and support me every step of the way as a resource. With them I learned where my classes were located, who some of my professors were, and met some lifelong friends through that time. That’s partially why I became an orientation leader! My goal is to help students that are like me find a place in the Baker community, and hopefully I will be at least one friendly face that they are able to recognize.
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