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Earn Your Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology


A psychology major is the first step toward a career where you can make a lasting impact on the people you work and interact with.

Whether you plan to continue in your current career, reenter the workforce with a new set of skills, or enroll in graduate school, an online bachelor’s degree in psychology from Baker University is your stepping-stone.

Build a solid foundation to become a practitioner, researcher, or educator.

Baker’s academic advising team acts as your partner as you earn a psychology degree. We’ll help you plan your courses so you can efficiently complete an online bachelor’s degree in psychology from wherever you are.

Baker’s psychology major gives you:

  • A well-rounded perspective on the ever-changing world of psychology
  • An understanding of the fundamentals of general, developmental, social, learning, and behavioral psychology to help you discover your niche
  • The ability to design and execute your own research proposal and plan
  • Valuable critical thinking and analytical skills that apply in any career or situation

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Degree Details: Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. You can earn your online degree in psychology at Baker without relocating or leaving the job you have now.

  • Earn your online degree in psychology from anywhere.
  • Classes are held year-round.
  • Accelerated, six-week courses help you finish coursework quickly.
  • Earn your online bachelor’s degree in psychology in as few as two years, depending on transfer credits.

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Program Highlights: Online Psychology Degree

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors in the United States for a reason: An online psychology degree will make you a better thinker, help you understand how people function, and prepare you to contribute to transformative psychology research.

At Baker, you don’t have to choose between entering the workforce or going to college. You can do both! Our program is one of the few psychology programs offering online curriculum that covers one course at a time.

Here’s what else you can expect from Baker’s online bachelor’s degree in psychology:

Accredited psychology curriculum. Baker’s online bachelor’s degree in psychology is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. We meet strict standards and are engaged in continuous curriculum improvement.

Course credit for work experiences. Baker’s Prior Learning and Assessment Center recognizes the psychology experience you’ve already gained outside the classroom. We’ll help you find ways to earn credit for what you know so you can earn your psychology degree faster and more affordably.

Prepare for a graduate psychology degree. If a master’s or PhD is on the horizon, then this online bachelor’s degree in psychology will uniquely prepare you for the next level of your education.

Small classes by design. We purposely keep our program small so you can learn comfortably. Our 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows for personalized discussions and leaves time for one-on-one support from faculty.

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Exceptional Experiences: Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Complete career flexibility. An online psychology degree helps you understand how and why people think as they do, which is highly beneficial in any career that involves communicating and working with people.

Time for self-reflection. Because Baker’s psychology degree focuses on human behavior, you may walk away with a better understanding of your own mental well-being and approach to relationships.

A degree that fits into your life. You can blend your psychology coursework with the work, social, and family commitments you already have. New classes start every six weeks, and online classes are held year-round.

Excel in an important field. There will always be a need for skilled psychology professionals in corporate, clinical, and research settings. This career path provides incredible opportunities and potential for growth.


What Can You Do With a Psychology Major?

A psychology major leads to many new opportunities. Land a promotion or discover a new job in a field ranging from social services and education to human resources and research.

For others, a psychology degree paves the way for a specialized graduate degree that leads to a career in academia, private practice, law enforcement, or mental health.

With your psychology degree, you’ll be eligible for job titles like these:

  • Activities director
  • Career counselor
  • Case manager
  • Childcare worker
  • Employment counselor
  • HR specialist
  • Marketer
  • Mental health advocate
  • PR representative
  • Researcher

In any role you choose, you’ll be empowered to effectively help others, show compassion, dig deeper into human behavior, and apply research in a variety of settings.

Financial Aid: Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Learn how affordable your online psychology degree can be. You’ll find the return on investment you’re looking for with Baker University’s highly ranked online programs.

In fact, Baker offers the highest return on investment of private colleges in Kansas, according to Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2022).

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Baker Is Military Friendly

Military Advanced Education named Baker University one of America’s Top Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities. Veterans and active-duty service members and their spouses may qualify for tuition discounts.

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Online Psychology degree: Meet Our Students

“Baker has allowed me to hone in on my passions and my career. It has made me a stronger individual. My time at Baker changed who I thought I could be and made me understand that the nerves of facing your future are part of the fun. Baker gave me more confidence due to the kind, warm-hearted, and personable faculty. They have set me on a road to success, and I intend to follow that path: twists, turns, forks, and all.”

—kristina | Bachelor’s in psychology, class of 2021

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Psychology Major: Example Courses

An online psychology degree from Baker connects you to courses that stretch your skills so you’re ready to work with a wide variety of people based on what you learn about human behavior and mental processes.

Our psychology program features courses like these:

Social Psychology: Examine the influence of the social context of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. You’ll make valuable connections between what you learn in the classroom and the situations and circumstances you encounter in daily life.

Abnormal Psychology: Understand how biological, psychological, sociocultural, and political forces contribute to psychological disorders. Learn the diagnostic criteria for major mental disorders and review research on causes, course, and treatment.

Clinical and Counseling Psychology: Review the historical and empirical foundations of this career path, as well as current issues and trends. Study basic helping skills; contemporary and traditional theories; the processes of assessment, diagnosis, and psychotherapy; and issues of diversity.

Research Methods Application: Conceptualize, design, implement, and report on an original research study in your own interest area. The process includes data collection and analysis, as well as the submission of an APA-style manuscript and conference-style oral presentation.

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