Hannah Remick was very familiar with Baker when she started applying to colleges.

“I’d been to Baker multiple times,” Remick said. “There used to be regional solo and ensemble [music competitions] here. Being here, eating the food, seeing how everyone was super nice, and the beautiful campus really sealed the deal.”

Baker also offered her the opportunity to be involved in a range of student activities, including the Student Activities Council and a unique area of study.

“I’m a marketing management and finance, business, and accounting major,” Remick said. “We’re pretty sure no one has done all three concentrations before. It’s super exciting.”

Remick has accepted a position with AXA, a financial advising firm; however, her long-term goal is to open her own nonprofit to teach college students how to manage their finances.

“I am a Kauffman Scholar, so my education was paid for, and many are not as blessed as I am. If I can help students understand their debt and work towards bringing that debt down, it would be giving back to the community.”

It is important to Remick to pay forward the support she received from the Kauffman Scholars program, which provides the opportunity to complete a college education to low-income students in public or charter schools in Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, and from the Baker community.

“Everyone [at Baker] is here to support you,” she said. “There’s not one person who wants to see you fail. Teachers are willing to listen to you and be flexible. It’s a different type of support system. It pushes you, it cares about you, and it’s always there for you.”

Remick will participate in the Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, May 19, at 1 p.m. at the George F. Collins, Jr. Sports and Convention Center in Baldwin City.

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