Baker University will switch from using email to using OrangeMail, an innovative, new form of communication, effective immediately.

“After a series of phishing attacks, we knew Baker needed the next generation of communication for the protection of our students, faculty, and staff,” said Assistant Director of Information Technology Stevie Walborn. “We considered a variety of services, but OrangeMail was the only option that kept communications completely secure.  That level of privacy has appeal.”

OrangeMail is 100 percent secure from cyber attacks and does not require a firewall, two-step verification, or even password protection. However, it is not completely free from user error.

“As we roll out this new program, we ask that Baker students, faculty, and staff be cautious with their OrangeMail communications,” Walborn said. “The messages can be dropped, peeled, eaten, and/or reprocessed, so please keep a level of awareness as we undergo this transition.”

In addition to added security, OrangeMail offers Baker students other benefits. It is environmentally friendly, will cut down on student screen time, and will ensure a healthier lifestyle full of vitamin C.

“After overseeing our test groups, I believe OrangeMail is the communication future of Baker,” said Director of Student Life Randy Flowers. “The students were eager to wake up to have their messages with breakfast, and everyone reported saving time overall due to the limited character count.”

Orange you glad it’s April Fool’s Day, Wildcats? Have a great one!

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