Baker University honors more than 300 undergraduate and 200 graduate students at three commencement ceremonies in May at the Collins Center on the Baldwin City campus.

Undergraduate degrees for the School of Professional and Graduate Studies were conferred Saturday morning, May 13. Graduate degrees for the School of Education and School of Professional and Graduate Studies were conferred Saturday afternoon, May 13.

On Sunday afternoon, May 21, Baker conferred degrees to undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, and School of Nursing. During that ceremony, several awards were presented to students and faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Outstanding Seniors

Four graduating students were honored with Outstanding Senior awards. Chad Phillips, Wichita, Kansas; Brittney Harmon, Americus, Kansas; Luke Miltz, Lecompton, Kansas; and Gavin Webster, Independence, Kansas; all received the award.

Nomination criteria included superior achievement in the fields of academics, leadership, service, cocurricular activities and off-campus educational opportunities. Nominations were reviewed and decided on by a committee of faculty, staff, coaches, and students.

Fran Jabara Leadership Award

Two College of Arts and Sciences graduates, known for their strong academic commitment, were recognized with the 2017 Fran Jabara Leadership Award. Olivia Beins, Baldwin City, Kansas, and Gavin Webster, Independence, Kansas, received the honors, presented by Gary Irick, chair of the business and economics department at Baker.

Kopke Award for Distinguished Teaching

Known for inspiring students inside and outside the classroom, Dr. Chris Todden, assistant professor and director of exercise science, was awarded the Jennie Howell Kopke and Verda R. Kopke Award for Distinguished Teaching. The award annually recognizes a Baker faculty member who has a record of excellence in teaching and in transforming students into scholars, who brings honor to the university, and who exhibits good moral character.

Class of 2017

The following lists the Baker University Class of 2017:

Bachelor of Arts

Sarah Jean Baker, Cum Laude, mass media; Kharon S. Brown, Jr., international studies, Spanish; Kaitlyn Rene Ebbrecht, psychology; Alexander J. Ekins, sports administration; Madison Rose Nusheen Haefke, Summa Cum Laude, music; Brittney Leigh Harmon, communication, religion; Raymond Wayne Jones, business, sports administration; Austin J. Keberlein, business; Samuel Kenney, business; Emi L. Kniffin, Magna Cum Laude, interdisciplinary major in theatre, history, and English; Daichi Kozu, sports administration; Caleb Dallas Lee, religion; Corey Raymond Matteson, music; Zachary Tyler McElmurry-Schrock, interdisciplinary major in psychology and music; Martin Salvador Mora, sports administration; Alexandra Marie Packard, Spanish, history; Jenny Marie Robbs, studio art; Nicholas B. Shondell, studio art; Elizabeth Lakin Stover, Cum Laude, history, secondary education; Amber Marie Stubbs, French; Collin Winslow Studer, Magna Cum Laude, music, history; Micheal Anthony Sturm, biology; Erin Teresa Thompson, mass media; Jenna Grace Warmund, mass media; Kyle Edward Wilson, mass media; Stephanie Elizabeth Woltkamp, Cum Laude, psychology; Anna Wright, communication; Nicholas Bladen Yarbrough, Cum Laude, business

Bachelor of Science

Ryan David Akin, Summa Cum Laude, chemistry; Adam Joseph Alfaro, Cum Laude, exercise science; Keaton M. Anchors, business; Elizabeth Christine Arnold, Cum Laude, accounting, business; Jesse R. Austin, health and physical education; Brittany Faye Bartak, elementary education; Taylor M. Baum, Magna Cum Laude, business, accounting; Nicholas Becker, Cum Laude, health and physical education; Olivia Ann Beins, Summa Cum Laude, international business; Christian Michael Bickley, business, sports administration; Levi Blaylock, business; Parks Hamilton Boeschen, Cum Laude, psychology; Sloane C. Brady, Summa Cum Laude, sociology; John C. Breithaupt, Cum Laude, business; Sydney Renee Buchel, Cum Laude, business, accounting; Jordan Laine Buscher, Cum Laude, elementary education; Matthew B. Bush, international business; Joshua Daniel Chalker, mass media; Mackenzie Ann Cook, exercise science; Colby D. Crank, psychology, business; Andrew Michael Dare, Summa Cum Laude, business, accounting; Jordan Allen David, sports administration; Kaci Dillingham, Cum Laude, sociology; Kara Lynn Doctor, interdisciplinary major in mass media and business; Blake K. Edwards, Cum Laude, business, accounting; Andrew Falkner Emanuels, Summa Cum Laude, biology, chemistry; Michael Albert Epp, Magna Cum Laude, biology; Jazmine Dominique Ervin, business; Lauren E. Freking, Cum Laude, accounting; Jared Lee Fromm, business, economics; Alexandra Danielle Garbarino-Hermann, exercise science; Brooke Alyssa Geenens, business, accounting; Dylan Geick, biology; Jessica Marie Georgie, mass media; Cody A. Gregory, exercise science; Jessica Lynn Harvey, Magna Cum Laude, elementary education; Jessica Hillebert, business; Jarrett Hobby, psychology, sociology; Jaime Christine Hodge, elementary education; Krista Leigh Hooper, sociology; Aaron Edward Santos Howard, Summa Cum Laude, biology; Tye R. Hughes, sports administration; Andrew Tyler Huttinger, sports administration; Michael Kelechukwu Igwe, chemistry; Ryenn Nicole Johns, psychology; Quanzee Darius Johnson, business; Trenton Gregory Johnson, economics, business; James Clifton Joyner, Cum Laude, mass media; Bailey Danyel Kabrey, mass media; Jarrod V. Kaup, business; Gage Kiesling, business; Ashley Lyn Kroeker, biology; Kelsey J. Larson, elementary education; Trevor Jacob Lininger, Cum Laude, sports administration; Adam Franklin Lomenick, Cum Laude, exercise science; Justin R. Madsen, sports administration; Amber N. Mechtley, psychology; Luke Christopher Milt, Magna Cum Laude, international business; Elisabeth G. Minson, Cum Laude, communication; Amanda Jean Moody, sociology; Rachel Nicole Moore, Magna Cum Laude, sports administration; Chad Mullen, mass media; Sarah Ann Mullins, Magna Cum Laude, exercise science; James A. Newton, mathematics, computer Science; Adam M. Novak, interdisciplinary major in biology, psychology, and communications; Avery Parker, exercise science; Jasmine Parra, Summa Cum Laude, exercise science; Tucker Patrick Pauley, mathematics, secondary education; Matthew D. Paxton, exercise science; Joshua R. Peck, exercise science; Chad Wendell Phillips, Magna Cum Laude, biology; Kristopher Paul Rahn, sports administration; Jherico “Kekai” Rivera-Albeso, sociology; Rick Rosas, Cum Laude, business, economics; Lucas Raymond Roucher, Cum Laude, computer science; Anastasia Liane Samsonova, business; Jami J. Sanborn, Cum Laude, psychology; Samantha Louise Schroeder, Summa Cum Laude, exercise science; Traivion A. Sharp, communication; Nicholas B. Shondell, business; Cody Wiley Sliva, Cum Laude, exercise science; Jayden A. Smith, Magna Cum Laude, sociology; Gregory William Snell, exercise science, biology; Kendal Leah Spangler, Cum Laude, elementary education; Anna Lucille Staats, sports administration; Shelby Christine Stephens, mass media; James Robert Steury, business, accounting; Amber Marie Stubbs, computer science; Wesley Summers, sports administration; Jordan W. Thacker, psychology; Jacob Michael Thomas, business; Joshua R. Thomas, sports administration; René Emily Vasquez, health and physical education; Zachariah James Vredenburg, accounting, business; Allyson Morgan Ware, sociology; Birdsong Warren III, exercise science; Colby A. Watters, physics; Gavin Michael Webster, Summa Cum Laude, business, economics; Samuel Patrick Wescott, Cum Laude, business, sports administration; Jess Austin Westmoreland, business; Madelyne Marie Wilcox, biology; Lindsey Nicole Wilson, interdisciplinary major in sociology and Spanish; Brittany Windom, Magna Cum Laude, elementary education; Kyle M. Young, business, accounting; Ciana Racheal Zamora, chemistry; Antionette Yvette Zamudio, sociology

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Christina Norine Ballard; Aislynn Marie Barnett; Kelli Nicole Bauman; Gabrielle Faith Betsch, Magna Cum Laude;  Rebecca Sue Hollenbeck Brown, Summa Cum Laude; Lauren Jo Burks; Briona Busch, Cum Laude; Laura Beth Bush, Summa Cum Laude; Peter Dale Campain; Megan Nicole Clark; Brenna Marie Cook, Magna Cum Laude; Trisha Dao; Savannah Linea Diegel, Magna Cum Laude; Rachel Diane Dobbins, Cum Laude; Rebekah Nicole Droege; Sarah Jo Eatmon, Summa Cum Laude; Jasmine Emerick, Cum Laude; Frankie Farrant, Regina Maria Greco Georgeson, Cum Laude; Kaysha Dominick Green; Lydia Kathleen Hardin, Cum Laude; Alexis D. Hartzog, Magna Cum Laude; Michelle Marie Haug, Summa Cum Laude; Stephanie Lynn Hinchey; Kasandra Lynn Hinrichs; Mackenzie Michele Hoyer; Paige Elizabeth Hunter; Kendra Lanae Jermark, Summa Cum Laude; Julie Anna Johnson; Kathryn Kapeller; Harpreet Kaur; Erin Renee Kruse; Desiree Lynn Martinez; Jessica Hope Mckenzie; Allyson L. Moore; Karen Ann Nissen; Brandi D. Priest; Kristen Queen, Cum Laude; Sarah Nicole Reedy; Macey Rechelle Roe; Alexandra Virginia Scobee; Ashley Elizabeth Smith, Magna Cum Laude; Mallory Elizabeth Stewart; Judith Ugwuegbu; Ethan Wurtz

Associate of Arts in Business

Megan L. Alterman; Brennan William Bargerstock; Emily Catherine Blevins, Cum Laude; Taylor Buford; Clayton M. Burrow, Summa Cum Laude; Consuella Marie Cooley; Samantha Lynn Deamos; Wesley F. Decker III; Deborah L. Dobson; Marissa Manlapaz Donnelly; Lynnette A. Fields, Summa Cum Laude; James E. Fitzgerald, Cum Laude; Melissa Annette Garza; Frances Gingerich; Savannah Glammeier; Taylor J. Harvey, Cum Laude; Angela K. Herbaugh, Cum Laude; Trina M. Ivy; Robert W.L. Jameson, Magna Cum Laude; Tiffany A. Johnson; Andrea Kaberline; Teresa M. Mattson; Michael Shawn May, Summa Cum Laude; Megan Elizabeth Mills, Cum Laude; Amanda Monique Morales; Jameson R. Moulder, Summa Cum Laude; Mary Elizabeth Mozinski, Magna Cum Laude; Rolando Girard Munoz; Tammy Jean Perez; Christian Leigh Perkins, Cum Laude; Steven P. Pfeiffer, Magna Cum Laude; Syed Raza; Ashley N. Roberts; David W. Seibel; Susan M. Stanley, Magna Cum Laude; Robert James Uhler; Rachelle Ann White; Brittni Fay Williams; Rhonda Kay Wince, Magna Cum Laude; Margaret Ann Worthington; Lisa Marie Zimmerling, Summa Cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership

Timothy D. Buchhorn, Summa Cum Laude; Hunter Mckelvey Clyde, Summa Cum Laude; Kendra Rosemarie Guilfoyle, Cum Laude; Liese Ann Haverkamp, Summa Cum Laude; Nickolas Albert Mangine, Summa Cum Laude; Nikki Lou Ryan Marshall, Summa Cum Laude; Sean Luke Seay; Sarah Marie Webster; Angela C. White, Summa Cum Laude 

Bachelor of Business Administration

Larry A. Baker, Summa Cum Laude; Tracey Dean Best; Brock Gregory Bulmer; Johanna Chavez; Traci Nichole Coffel; David William Crabaugh; Courtney Cruise; Nichol Racquel Cusato, Cum Laude; Latishia Shonita Darnell; Tania L. Devine; Jacob Taylor Durkes; Scotty Ray Eggleston; Kristina Foster, Summa Cum Laude; Matthew B. Hamm; Jennifer E. Hughes; Elizabeth Lajam Jones; Leslie Dawn Kenton Koerner; Matthew R. Mackey; Teresa D. Martell; Pablo Martinez II; Alicia Delee Mccoy, Magna Cum Laude; Tyler W. Meyersick, Summa Cum Laude; Nicole D. Morgan; Katrina Morton, Magna Cum Laude; Kyle Jeffrey Neblett, Magna Cum Laude; Vincent J. Nguyen, Magna Cum Laude; Mckenzie Anne Orman, Summa Cum Laude; Patricia Solis Ortiz, Karla M. Pittman; Danielle M. Powers, Summa Cum Laude; Tyler William Rea; Whitney Ann Richardson; Sheila Reynolds Rives, Summa Cum Laude; Caitlin Mari Roberts, Magna Cum Laude; Jessica Lynn Robinson, Summa Cum Laude; Gary A. Sebby, Brittany P. Smith, Cum Laude; Samuel W. Sutton; Mia Swopes; April S. Taylor; John R. Tejada; Krisha M. Vestal, Summa Cum Laude; Leah Waite-Holland, Summa Cum Laude; Kelsi Elizabeth Wuller

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Robert Daniels III, Cum Laude; Jennifer Dawn Dent, Summa Cum Laude; Amanda Nicole Waugh

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Ashley Alexa Hoge

Bachelor of Science in Management

Laura Leigh Augustine; Sarah Battreall; April Joy Beretta, Magna Cum Laude; Christopher Michael Crookham, Cum Laude; Charles William Glaeser, Cum Laude; Ronnie H. Hicks, Jr., Cum Laude; John Robert Jacutin, Magna Cum Laude; Carla Yvonne Jones, Cum Laude; Angela Dawn Jones-Willey, Cum Laude; Michelle Lynn Kingsford; Wanomi L. Long; John R. Lorg, Cum Laude; Mark A. Macias, Cum Laude; Heather Mosqueda, Summa Cum Laude; Thomas Andrew O’Sullivan, Magna Cum Laude; Adam Brian Parrie, Summa Cum Laude; Britany Nichole Reed; Margaret L. Riley; Curtis M. Russell, Summa Cum Laude; Douglas Sale; Jordan Christopher Scafe; Melissa Raye Schroeder, Summa Cum Laude; Justin P. Seeman, Magna Cum Laude; William Edward Still; Joshua S. Surratt; Corey Thomas, Cum Laude; Jennifer Lynné Maes Vance, Cum Laude; Desirae Taylor Williams; Sherie Leanne Willis, Summa Cum Laude

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Caroline Elizabeth Cook, Steven W. Jones, Stacy Delrae McMahon, Rachel E. Pacubas, Dallas V. Webb, Tamara May Wilson

Master of Business Administration

Joseph Adams, Robert Christopher Adams, Omar Alagha, Michael E. Anderson, Alicia Renee Artman, Ian Jess Barber, Leah Bergmann, Brett Michael Bethurem, Jasmine Shanae Black, Bridget Boland, Alisha Bolz, Michael Vincent Bond, Brook Ann Boyer, John Matthew Brady, Shawn Antonia Brantley, Stanley David Braun, Tierra Lynise Brown, Laine Drake Bruning, Melanie Dawn Byler, Nicholas J. Carpenter, Kristen Teresa Christoff, Nathan Clay, Melinda Halsey Clemens, Pamela Lauren Coke, Stacy Jo Cooper, Kiosha Traniece Craft, Lacey Renee Deardoff, Emelie E. Dillman, Charla Ladawn Dixon, Reagan N. Dixon, Angela L. Duncan, Chad Steven Ellingson, Kari Ann Erpelding, Jason B. Farrell, Matthew P. Ferguson, Danielle Alane Fesler, Kristy Fishburn, Joseph Edward Fraas, Lisa Nguyen Gard, Lesa A. George, Paige Alexandra Gibson, Adam Thomas Gilligan, Santhi Hamm, Ginger Lea Harris, Johnny Eric James Hayes, James Scott Helton, Corey Jay Helus, Markus A. Henry, Khauhleechour Her, Kathleen Hillin, Aimee Hitchye, Nefatari Holloway, Christopher W. Hoover, Jason Oliver Humphrey, Wesley Steven Hutchcraft, Casey Levi Jones, Chance Matthew Jones, Tyler Alexander Jones, Samantha Patricia Kassing, Paul Ross Kessell, Toyka King, Bradley A. Klaus, Robert Mann Kline, Drew B. Ladd, Malachi C. Lones, Nicholas R. Mace, Stacey Dawn Mason, Amanda Christine Matusek, Barbara M. Mccracken, John W. Meese, Jacob Mitchell, Roshawn James Mosley, Ria Moss, Larry Lenard Myers II, Rose Nnenna Ogburubi, Karelynn Mary Overfelt, Joshua Parker, Jacob Allen Peppiatt, Thomas Lee Pierce, Jamie L. Pina, Keith T. Prouty, Lindsay N. Ransom, Cynthia M. Rittel, Phillip Scott Rominger, Jonathan Clayton Roper, Tim Ryan, Abdul Sama, Christopher James Schwanenberger, Damon Lee Shore, David Singleton, Gary W. Sisk II, Andre Troy Smith, Tami Diane Smith, Alan John Spilde, Sydney Paige Swinicki, Kelli A. Tye-Carpenter, Charles R. Woolsoncroft, Jessica Young

Master of Liberal Arts

Jason Lee Buescher, Christina Alicia Deloch, Beverly Susan Hall, Cara Nicole Joachimi, Brooke Noelle Johnson, Christopher D. Newman, Ryan Anthony Pitts, Paul Alan Wilburn

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Kathryn A. Anderson, Vincent Edward Bowhay, Branson B. Bradley, Brett Lee Bruner, Emily Kathryn Cline, Jamie Jo Els, David Clyde Fernkopf, Seth D. Kastle, Carl Jason Kegler, Stephanie Lynne Merriott, Leslie Sanders Quinn, Kenneth Scott Rodrequez, Annette Fay Fordyce Sauceda, Trenton Sheldon Stern, Brian L. Van Batavia, Barbara K. Williams, Jane Zaccardi

Master of Arts in Education

Melissa Joan Aguilera, Susanne Marie Anderson, Wendi Appelhans, Rhiannon Cheri Bishop, Julie Elizabeth Burbach, Sara Michelle Butler, Abby Marie Clinton, Sara Lynn Cook, Beverly Jo Couch, Melissa Annette Depriest, Christina Rachele Fink, Sarah Ann Frederickson, Christine Nicole Gable, Jessica George, Leah Anne Henry, Mary Alyc Hibbs, Megan Nicole Karst, Chelsea King, Mary Elizabeth Krejci, Tawnia Lashley, Kathryn Marie Louderback, Erin M. Lutz, Michele Renee Markham, Rebecca L. Martin, Aimee G. McCully, Toni Louise Moore, Maria Scott Pope, Lisa Kay Powell, Kayla Marie Price, Amanda Elizabeth Rawls, Alyssa Rhodes, Emily Kaye Schreiner, Heather Ann Schremmer, Jennifer Rose Scriven, Valerie A. Shirley, Dena Lee Spechtenhauser, Kristi Leigh Spencer, Amber Marie Whisler, Kristina Ann Willman

Master of Science in Special Education

Stephie Brady, Kimberlee Brooke Douglas, Sheldon Jay Farrell, Sydney A. Hendrick, Ashley Nicole O’Malley, Rebecca Grace Paisar, Katelyn Elaine Pattison, Lisa Marie Pence, Hillary A. Pontier, Amy Lynn Robertson, Marian Therese Rose, Amberly Dawn Yohe

Master of Science in School Leadership

Martin Altieri, Susan Amber Boyington, Timothy Joseph Bremerman, Janelle Gieseke Brower, Katherine Ann Burrow, Lisa Marie Ciminieri, Cally Marie Dahlstrom, Ashleigh Dean, Drew D. Garner, Diana L. Greer, Kelli Jo Haeffner, Sean Hayden, Anthony Eugene Holland, Jr., Lisa Marie Konzem, Scott Michael L’Ecuyer, Thomas Niermann, Julia Diane Oglesby, Bethany Ann Starks, Joshua Joel Willis Umphrey

Master of Science in Teaching

Melissa Reed

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