Complaint & Grievance Procedures

Student Complaint & Grievance Procedure

Should students have complaints about their academic program or their financial aid, Baker University has a complaint procedure. View procedure. To the extent possible, students should seek a resolution of such matters through the institution’s complaint procedure before involving others.

State of Kansas Complaint Procedures

Should the institution not be able to resolve the student complaint, the student has the right to contact the state of Kansas and its appropriate agency to determine the course of action. Complaints can be filed with the following agencies in Kansas:

  • Complaints related to the application of state laws or rules related to approval to operate or licensure of a particular professional program within a postsecondary institution shall be referred to the appropriate state board (e.g., state boards of health, state board of education, and so on) within the Kansas state government and shall be reviewed and handled by that licensing board ( and then search for the appropriate division).
  • Complaints related to state consumer protection laws (i.e., laws related to fraud or false advertising) shall be referred to the Consumer Protection Division in the office of the Kansas attorney general and shall be reviewed and handled by that unit (


State of Missouri Complaint Procedures

Process if a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be reached at the institutional level, the student or prospective student may proceed with the MDHE’s formal complaint process. The complaint must be submitted in writing, using a complaint form provided by the MDHE. It may be mailed or faxed to the department and should include any other supporting documentation. The MDHE will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, either in writing or by email. Such acknowledgment, however, will not constitute a determination that the complaint addresses a law applicable to the institution or otherwise is a complaint covered by the policy. If there is no indication that institutional remedies have been exhausted, the complaint will be returned for that purpose.

pdf CBHE policy on complaint resolution

Higher Learning Commission Complaint Procedures

Allegations regarding noncompliance with accreditation standards, policies and procedures may be made to HLC, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604. (The commission’s complaint policy and procedure and the complaint form may be found on their website,

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