College of Arts & Sciences


Interterm, an experience unique to Baker University, is a time to spread your wings and discover more about the world.

Three weeks of WOW


— Enroll in a one-of-a-kind class.

— Participate in an internship.

— Travel in the United States or abroad

Past courses have given students the chance to design a mural, scuba dive in the Caribbean, study history through tabletop war games, or travel to New York to see Broadway shows and perform community service.

Baker University students in the interterm course “Ecuador: An Agro-ecotourism Experience” working to restore trail access to a waterfall in the Andes mountains at Finca Orgánica San Antonio.



5th Grade Science Day

5th Grade Science Day

Baker students enrolled in the interterm course “The Art and Science of the Seashore” enjoying sunrise on the beach in Anastasia State Park, Florida.

Baker students enrolled in the interterm course “The Art and Science of the Seashore” at Anastasia State Park, Florida.

National Parks

National Parks


Nohoch Mul Pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan, Mexico



Winterterm 2024 On-Campus Courses

Cooking With a Chemist

Tabletop Wargaming and History

Introduction to Flamenco Culture, Music, and Dance

Science Fiction and Artificial Intelligence

Swole Those Empathy Muscles

An Examination of Sacred Space

Kansas Literary Treasures

Sports Bucket List

Full STEAM Ahead: Local Problem Solvers

STEM Teaching Assistantship

Diversity in Education: Primary and Secondary

Winterterm 2024 Online & Hybrid Courses

Hybrid: Some class meetings are on campus during the specified time; other class meetings are either asynchronous online or synchronous remote. Instructor may require work to be submitted in person or electronically.

Synchronous remote: The class meets every day at the specified time via Zoom. All work is submitted electronically.

Asynchronous online: Class instruction is provided via recoded lectures, which are available on Moodle. All work is submitted electronically.

Guns, Germs, and Steel (Hybrid)

Healthspan: Living Better Longer (Synchronous Remote)

Food Bullying (Asynchronous Online)

Indigenous Voices in Hip-Hop (Asynchronous Online)

Adam Sandler and the American Dream (Asynchronous Online)

Winterterm 2024 Travel Courses

Understanding & Exploring Ecuador History, Business Development & Culture

Yucatan Adventure | Course Is Full

Enero en España: Exploring Spanish History, Culture & Identity | Course Is Full

Summerterm 2024 Travel Courses

In the Footsteps of the Apostles, Journey One: Mary Magdalene & Saint James

Art & Science of the Seashore: Pacific Northwest Coast

Introductory Scuba Diving

London & Paris