Fifth graders listen to instructions from a Baker student


Interterm, an experience unique to Baker University, is a time to spread your wings and discover more about the world.



Three weeks of WOW

— Enroll in a one-of-a-kind class.

— Participate in an internship.

— Travel in the United States or abroad

Past courses have given students the chance to create a band, design a miniature golf course as art, scuba dive in the Caribbean, or travel to New York to see Broadway plays and perform community service.

Once in a Lifetime Experience | Haiti 2012

Jake Bucher, associate professor of sociology, and 10 students spent 12 days in Haiti as part of a Social Justice and Service in Haiti Interterm class. The students worked on restoring earthquake damage, helped build a school, taught English and computer literacy, and worked with orphans. Bucher and senior Molly Schmeidler were featured on Fox4 News and in the Lawrence Journal-World.


Sample Interterm Courses

  • Modern Hebrew for Beginners
  • Introduction to Arabic Language
  • The Contexts for the Texts of Mark Twain: From Hannibal to Huck
  • Our Nation’s Capital (Travel Interterm)
  • Introduction to Nanotechnology
  • Modern Celebrity and the Monarchy (Travel Interterm)
  • Society and the Movies
  • Personal Finance
  • The Economics of Beer: Britain, Belgium, Germany (Summer 2013 Travel Interterm)
  • Romantic Relationships and Film
  • The 20th Century through Sports Movies
  • Life Lessons of Star Trek
  • Reel Sports
  • Combo Tour to the Big Easy (Travel Interterm)
  • General Therapeutic Modalities
  • Exploring Leadership
  • Puzzles and Games: Strategy, Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Summer Stock in the Snow
  • Study in Spain (Travel Interterm)
  • Genealogy: Your Biological History
  • Introduction to Boardgames
  • Individual Fitness Assessment
  • Education in Action: Secondary
  • Education in Action: Elementary
  • Education in Action: Special Education
  • Conversational Chinese
  • Yucatan Adventure (Travel Interterm)
  • Tall Tales on Tiles
  • Getting on Track
  • Get the Lead Out: Understanding History through Tabletop Wargaming
  • The Power of Dyslexia
  • Femininity and Self-Fulfillment
  • Diversity in Education