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The interdisciplinary, undergraduate minor in leadership studies provides students with knowledge, skills, and behaviors that prepare them to become agents of change for the common good. Students develop the capacity to become adaptive leaders in their profession, organizations, and communities. The minor includes theories and practice of personal leadership, team and organizational leadership, adaptive leadership, ethics, and inclusion.

Lela Hautau | Class of 2019

“I always defined leadership as a position or role, but I have been encouraged to put that point of view away and act on the idea that leadership is an activity.”

Minor Requirements

Students will take four leadership courses and select one elective from the approved list to complete the minor.
Core Course Descriptions
LR 100 – Introduction to Leadership (3 credit hours)

This course is an introduction to the dynamic field of leadership studies. With the underpinning that leadership is action and skills that can be taught and developed, students will explore their own leadership potential. Through a variety of leadership perspectives and framework, students will have the opportunity to examine multiple views of leadership, explore the differences between personal and positional leadership, study characteristics of leaders, and learn about the importance of personal development in becoming an effective and authentic leader.

LR 200 – Leadership in Organizations & Teams (3 credit hours)

This highly interactive course will focus on the interpersonal and structural dynamics that characterize successful group leadership and followership. Through methods of practical application, as well as leadership and group motivation theory, students will explore, discuss, and apply strategies for building effective teams in various settings. Students will develop interpersonal and leadership skills through exposure and participation in small and large team experiences.

LR 310 – Adaptive Leadership (3 credit hours)

This course will center on the practice of adaptive leadership and the principles and competencies upon which it is based. Leadership is the ability to mobilize others to make progress on deep, daunting, adaptive challenges that we face in our relationships, communities, nation, and world. The goal of this course is to learn ways in which you can work with others to make progress on difficult adaptive challenges.

LR 340 – Lessons in Leadership (3 credit hours)

This course will focus on the development of the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary in the study of leadership and leadership-related activities. Through methods of discussion, as well as experiential and didactic learning, students will make connections between personal experiences, readings, and campus/community involvement through reflection in order to understand one’s own potential for leadership.

Elective Courses
PH 120 Ethics
CO 342 Ethical Choices in Interpersonal Relationships
Social Justice
SJ 210 Foundations of Social Justice
SO 241 Social Change (Prerequisite of SO 115)
PH/PS 310 Social Justice: Theory and Practice
SO 410 Power, Politics, and Society (Prerequisite of six hours of prior Sociology coursework)
CO 467 Nonviolence and Social Movements
Small-Group and Team Dynamics
CO 355 Group and Team Communication
CO 350 Organizational Communication
Conflict Management
CO 257 Pathways to Conflict Management
CO 337 Interpersonal Conflict Management
PY 386 Clinical and Counseling Psychology (Prerequisite of PY 234, with a hidden prerequisite of PY 111)
Diversity and Inclusion
CO 237 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
GS 201 Introduction to Gender Studies
IN 212 Global Problems
RE 240 Theories of Religion: Gender, Power, and Race
RE 340 Critical Responses to the Holocaust
RE345 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
BS 370 Ethics in Business, with prerequisite of BS 141 and junior status
BS 361 International Management, with prerequisite of BS 353 Fundamentals of Management
EN 223 World Literature
EN 224 Studies in World Literature
EN 226 Multi-Ethnic American Literature
Dr. Mary Shivley

Dr. Mary Shivley

Assistant Professor of Education

B.A. Emporia State University, M.A. Emporia State University, Ed.D., Baker University

Expertise: Leadership
Office: Case 205A  | mary.shivley@bakerU.edu 

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