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Bachelor of Science in Nursing FAQs

Do you have questions about nursing education and Baker’s BSN program? Below are answers to common questions. If we haven’t answered yours, please call us at 888.866.4242.

1. When do courses start?

Unlike many nursing programs, you can begin in August or January.

2. How are students admitted?

Admission is based on the following factors: academic history, prerequisite cumulative GPA and math and science GPA of at least a 2.7, number of prerequisite courses completed, an interview with faculty, and reference letters.

3. What do I need to submit for admission?

Complete the online application before August 10 for admission in the spring semester, which begins in January, or before December 15 for the fall semester, which begins in late August. You must also submit an official high school transcript and official transcripts from all the universities and colleges you’ve attended.

4. Is it best to apply before asking for transcripts?

Yes. Because there is a deadline for applications, December 15 for fall applicants and August 10 for spring applicants, transcripts should be sent as soon as grades are posted in December and May.

5. How many hours per week are students in classes?

It varies for each of the four semesters, but you will spend 25 to 30 hours per week in classes, clinicals, preparation for clinicals and group work outside of the classroom. Additional time for studying is also required.

6. How many credits are earned for classes and for clinicals?

Lecture classes: 1 credit hour for one contact hour per week
Clinicals: 1 credit hour for three contact hours per week

7. Are scholarships available?

Our financial aid officer can help you make a great education affordable with an aid package that typically consists of scholarships, grants and loans. You won’t know until you apply. Call 785.594.4595 if you have questions.

8. Can nursing courses be taken before entering the nursing program?

You must be accepted into the nursing program to take nursing courses.

9. Does Baker offer an LPN program?

No, our program prepares students for RN licensure.

10. How long will it take to get a nursing degree?

You can complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in four years. During the first two years you take general education courses at a university of your choosing. The final two years consist of nursing courses and clinical rotations at Baker School of Nursing.

11. Are classes available for part-time students?

The program is designed for full-time students, but if you want to go part time you need to discuss the idea with the program manager and Financial Aid Officer (785.594.4595).

12. Are classes held during the day or during the evening?

Most of the classes take place during the day, but some classes and clinicals are held in the evening.

13. Are nursing classes more difficult than the two years of general education coursework?

Even if you made As during your first two years, you’ll find the nursing courses challenging, and they will probably require more study. Remember, nursing courses build on the classes you’ve already had and introduce you to a new major.

14. Do all general education prerequisite courses have to be completed before entering the program, and what grades are needed?

Yes, because nursing education requires knowledge gained through general education courses, you must complete the prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better in each course.

15. Is the SAT or ACT required?

Neither test is required for admission into the School of Nursing. However, if you plan to complete your two years of general education courses at the Baker campus in Baldwin City, you’ll need to take one of the tests.

16. Is credit given for life experiences or paramedical work?

Although previous medical experience will be helpful in your learning process, it is not counted for college credit.


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