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School of Nursing

BSN Program of Study

Enjoy hands-on learning in hospital and community settings with diverse client populations.

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Cara Bonfiglio

Student Admissions & Progressions Coordinator

School of Nursing - BSN Program


Nursing Program of Study

Any transfer nursing credits must be approved prior to admission.  Transfer courses must have a final course grade of C or better and be taken within two years of the scheduled nursing course.  Requests need to be submitted to the admissions and progressions coordinator.



First Level

Theory  Clinical 
NU 301 Pharmacology I 1 hr
NU 305 Pathophysiology* 4 hrs
NU 322/322L Foundations of Nursing 5 hrs 3 hrs
NU 330 Health Assessment across the Lifespan 3 hrs
Semester Total = 16 hrs
*To be accepted as a transfer course the class must be a 300 level or above.
NU 323 LPN Bridge** 3.5 hrs
**The Bridge course is required for LPN students in place of NU 322/322L.

Second Level

Theory  Clinical 
NU 381 Pharmacology II 2 hrs
NU 375/NU 375L Nursing of Childbearing Families 3 hrs 1.5 hrs
NU 382/NU 382L Nursing of Adults I 3 hrs 1.5 hrs
NU 393/NU 393L Nursing of Persons with Mental Health Alterations 3 hrs 1.5 hrs
Semester Total = 15.5 hrs


Third Level

Theory  Clinical 
NU 412 Informatics, Research and EBP 4 hrs
NU 413/NU 413L Nursing of Adults II 3 hrs 1.5 hrs
NU 414/NU 414L Nursing of Communities 3 hrs 1 hr
NU 425/NU 425L Nursing of Children 3 hrs 1.5 hrs
Semester Total = 17 hrs

Fourth Level

Theory  Clinical 
NU 476 Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing 3 hrs
NU 485 Nursing of Adults III 3 hrs
NU 486 Transition to Practice 2 hrs
NU 491L Professional Nursing Practicum 2.5 hrs
NU 497L Capstone Clinical Experience 3 hrs
Semester Total = 13.5 hrs

TOTAL NURSING CREDITS……………………………………………………….. 62

Note: 124 credit hours are required for graduation, 62 of which come from nursing courses.