SIGMA BETA DELTA | Wisdom. Honor. Aspirations.

Sigma Beta Delta is an honor society for students in business, management, and administration degree programs. The Baker chapter membership is exclusive to selected candidates based on specific criteria. An  induction ceremony is held in the spring and fall each year.


The mission of Sigma Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business, management, and administration and to encourage and promote aspirations toward personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind. Sigma Beta Delta was established to honor students who have attained superior records in business programs in schools and colleges with regional accreditation.

Meaning of Sigma Beta Delta

Sigma is the initial letter of the Greek word for wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge gained over time, analyzed and used with discernment. Wisdom is not merely information, but allows one to acknowledge information, consider its validity and relevance, and then incorporate into one’s own life what is appropriate.

Beta is the initial letter of the Greek word that signifies honor. Honor is a personal quality of the highest value. Honorable people are held in esteem, considered to be trustworthy, and admired by others because they live a life that is worthy of such recognition. Honorable people have chosen to live a life that is bound by integrity and ethical decision making. They respect others and are willing to provide leadership to the benefit of humankind.

Delta is the initial letter of the Greek word that signifies the pursuit of meaningful aspirations. People of wisdom and honor must aspire to a course to achieve their objectives, for goals without action are no more fulfilling than action without goals. To aspire toward the fulfillment of one’s goals to serve humankind and develop personally and professionally will lead to a life of meaning and satisfaction.

Spring 2020 Inductees

Bachelor’s Students

Brianna Bowers
Melissa Bradham
Ashley Corbin
Perla Covarrubias-Isaacs
Phillip Ely
Laura Fox
Stephanie Frazier
Timothy Livingston
Iwake Masialeti
Christopher Mozinski
Mary Mozinski
Kaitlyn Phipps
Kristi Thompson
Steven Welter

Master’s Students

Monica Alegria
Derrick Battle
Dhrutiben Bhakta
Allison Braamse
Tara Brinkoetter
Lisa Brown
Lacy Carlson
Cameron Castrop
Hannah Coash
Jonathan Cook-Furst
Meghan Curtis
Timothy Flattery
Robert Ford
Megan Gosser
Jerod Greenlee
Cassandra Gunther
Byron McIntosh
Amy Meek
Ashley Mowry
Jennifer Paden
Hillary Podrebarac
Ann Reece
Phillip Robles
Jasmine Smith
Sara Sumpter
Lauren Tamayo
Tevin Thompson
Peter Wilkens
April Zeller

Fall 2019 Inductees

Bachelor’s Students

Cherish Christine Calovich
Amanda L. Camarillo
Cynthia M. Harvey
Erin Renee Kascsak
Cody J. Lehman
Maria E. Lopez
Margaret K. Maxwell
Joel R. Medearis
Shelly Lynn Shaw
John P. Szelenyi
Jeremiah M. Thomas
Kaylen C. Ward
Cole R. Weber
Stacy L. Wessel

Master’s Students

Clint Bowman
Tiffany D. Criss
Ryan W. Crowley
Kristina M. Deluca
Christina M. Domnanish
Henrique dos Santos de Oliveira
Sean T. Florez
Mahalia Lynn Henderson
Amir Zayed Idrisi
James Edwin Marshall
Jacqueline Jean McCoy
Lynsey M. McNeal
Derek W. Osburn
Victoria Kathryn-Marie Paul
Austin L. Reed
Brennan Michael Savage
Justin Edward Stuber
Megan R. Thielemier
Margaret Wall
Beau A. Winfrey
Carly Suzanne Young

Spring 2019 Inductees

Allison Ashford
Kyle Baldwin
Kristen Buie
Christopher Conner
Rachel Deaver
Cheri Faunce
Robert Ellis
Darnetha Elmore
Amanda Fenn
Shannon Fletcher
Jessica Fosdick
Kaneisha Giles
Debra Guilbault
Mark Guthrie
Dawn Hamilton
Christopher Harrell
Andrew Hogan
Lynzee Hunter
Leilani Jauregui
Matthew Jordan
Katelyn Martin
Douglas Martinson
Philip Martsolf
Braden McGinnis
Duane Merritt
Darren Meyer
Anthony Mitts
Amy Neeley
Kelly Norris
Justin Olson
Christine Paige
Lauren Paoletti
Andres Ramos
Timothy Rasmussen
Jamie Reed
Heather Richardson
Dustin Roe
Carmen Romero-Nichols
Eddie Ryser
Amy Sand
Sarah Sappenfield
Allison Sedore
Kirsten Shuck
Hannah Smith
Kathleen Strano
Kenneth Taylor
Jacob Yowell

Fall 2018 Inductees

Jeanette Baltimore
Matthew Bobey
Christopher Buesing
Nicole Burk
Linda Cambron
Jeremy Cates
Gregory Davenport
Rose DeLuco
Gerek Edrosolan
Tammy Galvan
Morgan Gerhardt
Patrik Goss
Ellen Herman
Kelli Ianke
Amanda Keen
Bradley Keepes
Dustin Koopman
Ronald Leimbach
Michael Lisher
J. Ryan  Lott
Nathan Luchini
Michael May
Kate McKane-Kavanaugh
Jameson Moulder
Benjamin Polen
Caitlin Roehrman
Tyler Smeltzly
Stephanie Townsend
Rhonda Wince
Danelle Wisdom
Lisa Zimmerling

Spring 2018 Inductees

Sigma Beta Delta inductees for spring 2018

Emma Martin
Ryan Proctor
Lezli Root
Toby Sutton
Corey Boone
Alison Hackman
Kellye Lierz
Ronald Thacker
Rasmita Patra
Matthew Melchionne
Amy Hempleman
Adam Nelson
Shammie Felps
Sydney Doster
Kelley Jones
Melissa Dziurawiec
Karalea Edmisten
Victoria Meier-Ressler
Henry Uribe Hernandez
Kimberly Stacy
Parker Johnson
Chelsie Bahr
Dana Derderian-Ibarra
Amy Horvath

Sigma Beta Delta Advisors

Carol Reed, President; Stephanie Jennings, Vice President; Alexandria Widener, Treasurer and Faculty Advisor


Wisdom… Honor… Aspirations…

Lifetime Membership

Membership in Sigma Beta Delta is the highest national recognition a business student can receive at a college or university with a Sigma Beta Delta chapter. To be eligible for membership, a business student must rank in the top 20 percent of the junior, senior, or graduate class and be invited to membership by the faculty officers.


Sigma Beta Delta

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