Master of Science in Sports Management

Our 33-credit-hour online Master of Science in Sports Management (MSSM) degree provides future sport industry professionals the opportunity to develop skills in facility planning, event management, sports marketing, sports law, and more.

The MSSM program links the classroom with experienced professionals to create an experiential learning community centered on best practices, relevance, and current trends in the sport industry.

Earn your MSSM online in 18 to 20 months.

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Master’s Program Start Dates

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The sports industry is robust and competitive, and it’s growing. A sports management degree can give you an edge in this changing field.


You can fit college courses into your existing schedule by taking classes one night a week or completely online. Classes are held year-round, and new courses start every seven weeks.


Instructors in the MSSM program are working professionals from diverse disciplines. As experts in their respective fields, they will share their experiences and knowledge with you while challenging you to reflect and critically examine the world in which you live.


A degree from Baker commands respect in the professional community. It signifies that you have met Baker’s high standards and have acquired the knowledge and skills to excel in your career.

Baker’s Master of Science in Sports Management program was recognized by SR Education Group, a leading education research publisher, as one of the 2018 most affordable and top colleges for value. Inclusion on these lists reflects our high academic standards and commitment to affordability for all our students.


Each concentration is a collection of four courses; three of these courses may be taken concurrently with or following the core program. Each course lasts seven weeks.


  • Current enrollment in good standing, or successful completion of the master's program
  • Payment of all tuition and fees
  • Access to email and Internet capabilities
  • Completion of the first course in the core program is recommended with a grade of B or better.
  • Concentration courses must be completed with grade of B or better.

The concentration focuses on financial decision-making skills in organizational systems thinking. Students will examine corporate finance, investment decision making, the role of financial institutions, and complexities of international financial markets through practical application.

MBA 554 Managerial Finance (offered within core program) 4 credit hours

MGE 5400 North America and the European Union: London, England* 3 credit hours

FIN 510 Investments 3 credit hours

FIN 520 International Finance 3 credit hours

FIN 530 Financial Institutions 3 credit hours

FIN 540 Corporate Finance 3 credit hours

FIN 550 Advanced Financial Planning 3 credit hours

FIN 560 Government Finance 3 credit hours

Total Graduate Credit Hour Requirement: 12

Health Care Administration

The concentration focuses on the critical role of health care administration in one of the nation’s fastest growing and most challenging industries, health care. Students will develop foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities related to leadership and management roles in the American health care industry.

HCA 510 The American Health Care System (required) 3 credit hours

HCA 520 Fundamentals of Health Care Administration (required) 3 credit hours

HCA 530 Health Care Policy and Politics 3 credit hours

HCA 540 Health Care Ethics 3 credit hours

HCA 550 Information Systems for Health Care Management 3 credit hours

HCA 560 Hospital Management 3 credit hours

Total Graduate Credit Hour Requirement: 12

Human Resources

The concentration offers a deep exploration of issues related to effective management of human resources in an increasingly competitive business environment. Students will examine the role of the manager through staffing, employee development and retention, employee relations, and global HR management courses.

MBA 535 Human Resources Management (offered within core program) 3 credit hours

HRM 510 Employment Law 3 credit hours

HRM 520 Employee Development and Retention 3 credit hours

HRM 530 Staffing 3 credit hours

HRM 540 Global Human Resources 3 credit hours

HRM 550 Employee Relations 3 credit hours

Total Graduate Credit Hour Requirement: 12

Leadership & Organizational Change

The concentration focuses on the development of organizational leadership skills that employers often expect from upper-level managers. Students will develop an appreciation for social responsibility within nonprofit and corporate environments, group problem-solving strategies, ethical business practices, and the importance of organizational diversity.

MBA 580 Executive Leadership 3 credit hours

MAOL 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior 3 credit hours

MAOL 530 Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability  3 credit hours

MAOL 580 Sustainability for Future Success 3 credit hours

MAOL 585 Winds of Change3 credit hours

MAOL 590 Strategic Leadership: Vision to Implementation 3 credit hours

Total Graduate Credit Hour Requirement: 12


Prepare for a leadership position:

  • Coaching and administration in college, professional, community, and Olympic athletics
  • Corporate sponsor relations and social responsibility
  • Sport facility operations and event management
  • Sport sponsorship
  • Sport marketing and communication


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Requirements & Courses

What We Need From You

  • Completed application form
  • An official transcript indicating a bachelor’s degree conferred form a regionally accredited institution of higher education
  • For applicants whose native language is not English, a minimum TOEFL test score of 600 on the paper-based test, a score of 250 on the computer-based test, or score of 100 on the internet-based test for international applicants (Minimum passing score may vary as the ETS revises the exam.)

How to send transcripts to Baker.

Based on reasonable projections of faculty availability and appropriate curriculum considerations, the following courses can change as deemed necessary by Baker University to fulfill its role and mission. Students can finish the curriculum requirements in 18 to 20 months. Some students finish in12. Students may take one or two courses at a time, but must maintain a 3.50 grade point average if doubling up.

MSSM 524 Leadership and Management in Sport

Leadership and Management in Sport develops managerial skills as organizers, facilitators, communicators, and team builders. The course provides an overview of the principles related to management and leadership styles, problem-solving, decision-making, program management, and budget analysis for sport organizations. It defines specific management skills and functions, presents actions that contribute to goal achievement, and identifies attributes that enhance successful organizational performance. (3 credits)

MSSM 525 Organizational Culture and Dynamics

Organizational Culture and Dynamics helps students develop the ability to guide individual people and teams to company objectives. By focusing on relationships and recognizing diversity among their peers and colleagues, students evaluate social and psychological dynamics within their organizations. They also learn communication techniques that contribute to organizational effectiveness. (3 credits)

MSSM 560 Marketing Strategies in Sport

Marketing Strategies in Sport examines the processes of marketing in the contemporary customer-oriented environment. Students explore the dimensions of the consumer market and analyze consumer buying behavior and decision-making processes based on fundamental market research. Strategies covered in this course include branding, promotions, social media marketing, and relationship building with consumers, media, and the community. (3 credits)

MSSM 538 Sponsorship and Revenue in Sport

Sponsorship and Revenue in Sport provides an in-depth approach to generating revenue for sport organizations, including the use of strategic partnerships, fundraising initiatives, special events, and sales strategies. Topics include strategies for securing sponsorships, sponsorship activation, and managing sponsor relations. Fundraising campaigns and donor relations will also be discussed. (3 credits)

MSSM 533 Sports Facility and Event Management

Sports Facility and Event Management is designed to explore and analyze principles for planning, designing, and managing indoor and outdoor facilities for sport and recreation. Topics covered include design trends, standards and guidelines, sustainable and efficient building materials, facility maintenance and operations, liability and risk management, and basics for event management and programming. Possible visits to local facilities will be arranged. (3 credits)

MSSM 517 Legal Aspects of Sport Business

Legal Aspects of Sport Business focuses on the legal environment and its effect on business decisions and operations. Contracts, torts, regulation of sport business and governing bodies, premises liability, intellectual property law, constitutional law, antitrust law, collective bargaining, and negligence are studied. Awareness and pragmatic guidelines for risk management decision making in sport business are also examined. (3 credits)

MSSM 532 Communication and Public Relations in Sport

Communication and Public Relations in Sport provides an integrated approach to relationship management, including customer relations, public relations, community relations, and media relations. The course is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of communication theories, strategies, and applications within the context of the sport industry. The course is intended to provide a general overview of various communications strategies, as well as corporate social responsibility initiatives. (3 credits)

MSSM 555 Administration, Policy, and Governance

Administration, Policy and Governance examines management theory with governance and policy, focusing on the development of skills and techniques to navigate the work environment within defined rules, regulations, and processes, both internal and external to the organization. This course examines policy, governance and the strategic planning process in youth, high school, college, Olympic, and professional sport. (3 credits)

MSSM 515 Finance for Managers

Designed for nonfinancial managers, this course presents principles of finance, including balance sheet composition, cash flow management, and capital budgeting. (3 credits)

MSSM 535 Human Resource Management

This course deals with recruitment, training, evaluation, promotion, and retention of today’s increasingly diverse employees. Study how to attract, secure, enable, and retain productive employees and volunteers as part of a multicultural workforce. The course also covers issues related to compliance with employment laws and regulations. (3 credits)

MSSM 570 Directed Field Experience (Internship)

The Sport Management Direct Field Experience (Internship) is designed to provide an in-depth learning experience in a professional work setting where students observe and complete meaningful tasks to advance organizational objectives. The DFE (Internship) provides a program candidate (intern) with hands-on experiences necessary to transfer beliefs, values, theory, and knowledge into practice. The students work experience will be under the supervision of a faculty sponsor, as well as an onsite supervisor, and will be designed to provide a practical experience in the field of sports administration. (3 credits)

  • Successful completion of the specified Master of Science in Sport Management curriculum (36 credit hours)
  • A 3.0 overall grade point average with no more than one course completed with a grade of C
  • An MSSM core GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Completion of all course work within six years of the date of initial enrollment
  • Filing an intent to graduate form with the Office of the Registrar
  • Payment of all tuition and fees
  • Approval by the faculty and Board of Trustees




Tuition $618/credit hour
Business certificate courses $618/credit hour
Technology fee $30/course
Graduation fee $125




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