Watershed Literary & Arts Journal

Marti Mihalyi

Assistant Professor of English, Writer-in-Residence

Watershed | Publish your passion

The Department of Language and Literature publishes Watershed, an annual arts and literary journal, that features artwork and writing by Baker students. Students can submit photographs, creative nonfiction, poetry, or a variety of other options. The Watershed gives students a creative outlet for their work that many students crave.

Past Issues

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Students have the opportunity to be involved in two ways:

  • Writers can submit works for consideration for publication in the journal.
  • Students interested in editing, publishing, and design can also work on the creation of the Watershed each year. Positions include editor, assistant editor, art director, and designer.


by Melinda Hipple

She hangs weary at the browning edge

of the echinacea garden, her proboscis

curled in place, too tired to eat.

She has been battered by wind, scarred

by one narrow escape after another.

My hands—scarred and darkening—

steady the lens, pause

as I look for her best side.
She has no best side.
Glamor shots become documentary.

I wonder how old I would be
in butterfly years.

What She Could Do

by Rachel Haley

Brew a strong cup of Earl Grey
in her paisley blue teapot.
Read the morning paper, clip wedding announcements. Mourn old friends in the obituaries.
Write a thank you letter in cursive.

Cross-stitch a rug, sew on a missing button, hem a dress line to a T. Prick her pinky on a threaded needle.

Lose herself on Old Farmer’s Turnpike, nd her keys inside the icebox; apply lipstick
in the side view mirror. Be an example of God’s grace and our reason

to never frown. Whistle
off key. Grin proudly. Nap through the Sunday sermon.