Our nation as a whole is changing, and Baker University aims to reflect this diversity. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion seeks to prepare students for our diverse world by providing experiences and opportunities for cross-cultural interactions, which serve to increase understanding and respect for our differences. Through various organizations and activities, our involved students gain a broader respect for cultures they previously knew nothing about. Join us as we look to make the future brighter and more inclusive.


Mungano | Brothers & Sisters United

Mungano is a student-run diversity organization on the Baldwin City campus of Baker University. The word Mungano is derived from the Swahili phrase “Mungano Wa Wanafunzi Weuzi,” meaning brothers and sisters united. It translates simply to united, which is the message that we, the members of Mungano, strive for: a world of many cultures, united.

#DiversityAndDiscussion is our goal.



Each year, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion hosts a barbecue to allow former members of Mungano an opportunity to share their experiences with current members. This event allows students and alumni to network and enjoy fellowship. It also strengthens the sense of community upon which Baker University thrives.


Incoming students get a head start on fostering relationships and connecting to a support network by meeting students before classes begin.


This celebration pays homage to those who have fought for justice and equality. The vigil features poetry and presentations by students and recognition of students within the Mungano organization and culminates with a candle-lit walk across campus while singing songs from the civil rights era.

Faculty Advisor

Teresa Clounch | Associate Dean of Students, Director of Diversity & Inclusion
785.594.8473 |

Spring 2017 Meetings

Mabee 101 | 7 p.m.

February 21

March 7

March 21

April 4

April 18

May 2

Officers | 2016-2017

Aradaisia Walker, President


Nia Madison, Secretary


Dorion “Dory” Smith
Public Relations Chair

Mission Statement

We, the members of Mungano, strive to encourage and promote cultural awareness and diversity through education at Baker University and surrounding communities by reaching out to everyone regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation for a better understanding of humanity


“Mungano is a diversity advocacy group that believes in community service and inclusion. That is always important for a campus with such a diverse group of students. And when we go to different events throughout the year, we learn how to better our organization on campus to better fit the needs of our diverse student group.”

Total Equality Alliance

The Baker University Total Equality Alliance is a body of LGBT+ students and allies, committed to building community and a safer campus for all. As a relatively new group, TEA was formed to create a space where students can be relaxed and fully self-expressed without having to fear feeling uncomfortable, unwelcome or unsafe. Throughout the year, the group hosts a variety of events, from presentations from Equality House, to Trans-Visibility Day.

Faculty Advisor

Nicholaus Pumphrey, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies


“I went to some of the events — they’re all really cool and informative and just stuff that you wouldn’t normally think about. It’s really interesting.”


Teresa Clounch
Associate Dean of Students, Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Office: Long Student Center