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STUDENT SENATE | Your campus, your call

The Baker University Student Senate represents all undergraduate students on the Baldwin City campus and serves as a liaison between them and the university administration. The senate also strives to provide students with a forum for communication within the student community.

Each class elects five members to the student senate. Senior, junior, and sophomore elections are held each spring. Freshmen elections are held shortly after the beginning of the school year. Five executive officers are elected each year.

pdf View the Student Senate constitution.

Funding Request Form

For Recognized Organizations of Baker University

Funding Process: Upon clicking the submit button, your form will be sent to the Internal Affairs Committee for review. If appropriate, the committee will forward your request to the full senate for a vote, where you will be given the opportunity to present your request in person (date, time, and location will be provided to you).

Reimbursement Policy: Organizations granted funding by the senate should disburse such funds only for the use(s) outlined on the funding request form. As proof of meeting the requirement, receipts and/or a report of the event should be turned in to the treasurer of the aerate no later than 10 business days after use of the funds or by the first day of the next academic session if the university is not in session during disbursement of the funds. No appropriations may be made unless the funding request form is completed in full. No cash advancements. Reimbursements or account transfers only. Funds will not be dispersed before final receipt and submitted to Student Senate treasurer.

Question? Suggestion?

Do you have question for Student Senate? Suggestion, concern?

Apply Online to Campaign for a Student Senate Office

Class Officer Application

Executive Officer Application

2018-2019 Student Senate Executive Board

Staff Advisor | Josh Doak


Caringtyn Julian

  • Schedules and oversees senate meetings
  • Serves as chief liaison and advocate of the student body to faculty and administration
  • Attends meetings of the University Board of Trustees, Faculty Senate, and Administrative Council
  • Submits annual report on student and campus issues to faculty, administration, and students
  • Must have served previously in the Student Senate

Vice President

Conner Petty

  • Serves in the president’s capacity when the president is unable to do so
  • Serves as parliamentarian of senate
  • Maintains contact with other colleges and universities
  • Oversees delegates to all committees
  • Serves as executive liaison to community


Sami Jett

  • Keeps and makes available records of all senate meetings
  • Keeps minutes and distributes them to the Baker Orange and all interested faculty, staff, and senators
  • Keeps attendance records
  • Compiles agenda for all meetings
  • Serves as executive liaison to elections and activities


Caroline Birt

  • Establishes budget
  • Keeps accurate records of senate accounts
  • Advises president on all financial matters
  • Ensures that all financial transactions are properly completed
  • Serves as executive liaison to internal affairs

Public Relations

Jasmine White

  • Keeps calendar of all upcoming events
  • Serves as chair of the public relations standing committee
  • Maintains communication with the student body

2018-2019 Class Officers

Senior Class

President | Jake Moore
Vice President | Frank Sandoval
Treasurer | Olivia Brees
Secretary |Hannah Fehlhafer
Representative | Weston Gloss

Sophomore Class

President | Dylan Kort
Vice President | Sophie Heldenbrand
Treasurer | Jonathan Lee
Secretary | Hadley Kaff
Representative | Kaitlyn Baker

Junior Class

President | Felicia Raybourn
Vice President | Chloe Rodenbeek
Treasurer | Annie Raybourn
Secretary | Ashley Bober
Representative | Haley Vlcek

Freshman Class

President | Tanner Hendrix
Vice President | Chris Davies
Treasurer | Lexie Hastie
Secretary | Megan Reynolds
Representative | Diamonique Vann


Josh Doak
Assistant Director of Student Life
Office: Long Student Center

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