The ninth annual Emerging Leaders Summit took place at Camp Chippewa in Ottawa, Kansas, the weekend of Nov. 17 and 18. Thirty-two freshmen and seven student facilitators participated.

During the workshop, students discussed different leadership personalities, individual and group values, communication skills, diversity and inclusion practices, along with decision-making and group dynamics. ELS graduates typically go on to hold significant campus leadership positions, including orientation team members, resident assistants, Student Activities Council Executive Board members, student organization presidents, Baker Ambassadors, and student body presidents.

“The Emerging Leaders Summit gave me the confidence and leadership tools to be able lead Delta Delta Delta as chapter president this past year,” said Jenna Black, the student director of the summit. “When I arrived at Baker as a freshmen, I was very shy and timid. The summit was that catalyst that pushed me out of my comfort zone and propelled me into becoming the leader that I am today.”

The Emerging Leaders this year are Shonnardo Bodie, Zoe Brewer, Julie Bussen, Adam Cook, Christopher Davies, Kathleen Drake, John Ely, Garrett England, Taylor Foss, Skylar Gorrell, Lexie Hastie, Jordan Hawman, Tanner Hendrix,  Kenzie Kuhlmann, Caitlin Lewis, Gabriel Lopez, Abigail Middleton, Hannah Pemberton, Chance Prosser, Martin Radosevic, Megan Reynolds, Sidney Rucker, Brenna Schmidli, Ashley Schumacher, Sabrina Simons, Kylee Snider, Reagan Sullivan, Tiana Tinari, Tyler Walker, Kailey Wilburn, Carol Porto, and Mia Wilhoit.

The Student facilitators were Jenna Black, director; Brittany Pagan, director elect; Emory Rodda; Abby Brockmann; Lanae Shelly; Michaela Krebs; and Emma Pundt.

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