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College of Arts & Sciences

Tuition & Fees

More than 98% of Baker students on the Baldwin City campus receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants that total thousands of dollars.

Tuition & Fees

During your search of colleges, you will find that Baker University’s total direct cost of tuition, fees, on-campus housing ,and meal plans is highly competitive with other private institutions.


Use the online net price calculator to receive an estimate of how much students similar to you paid to attend Baker University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

2022-23 Costs

Full-time undergraduates
$31,620/year  $15,810/semester

(12-18 hours)

Part-time undergraduates
$1,022 per c/h

(1-11 hours)

$511 per c/h

(Over 18 hours)

Interterm session only
$450 per c/h

First two interterms are at no cost (included with regular tuition); additional interterms per credit hour.

Summer school courses | on ground
$450 per c/h
Summer school courses | online
$225 per c/h
Summer internship
$225 per c/h

First 3 hours

Summer internship
$450 per c/h

Over 3 hours

High school tuition & concurrent credit
$113 per c/h


Irwin/Gessner double occupancy
$4,070/year  $2,035/semester
Irwin/Gessner single occupancy
$5,832/year  $2,916/semester
New Living Center Suite A
$6,059/year  $3,029/semester

(1/room, 4/suite)

New Living Center Suite B
$5,202/year  $2,601/semester

(2/room, 4/suite)

New Living Center Suite C
$5,471/year  $2,735/semester

(2/room, 2/suite)

$6,367/year  $3,183/semester

Meal Plans

19-meal plan
$4,668/year  $2,334/semester

(19 meals per week + $25 in declining balance per semester)

14-meal plan
$4,668/year  $2,334/semester

(14 meals per week + $200 in declining balance + 10 flex meals per semester)

12-meal plan
$4,435/year  $2,217/semester

(12 meals per week + $75 in declining balance + 10 flex meals per semester)

Block plan
$4,668/year  $2,334/semester

(225 meals per semester + $200 in declining balance per semester)

Commuter meal plan
 $1,168/year $584/semester

(50 meals per semester + $145 in declining balance/semester)

Available only to students living off-campus or in Greek chapter houses or Horn and Markham apartments

New Students

Matriculation fee

Collected first semester of enrollment

Mandatory Fees

General university fee
$600/year  $300/semester

Full time, nonrefundable

General university fee
$300/year  $150/semester

Part time, nonrefundable

Other Fees

Athletic program fees
TBD/per sport
Music private lesson fee
$242/semester (half-hour lessons)


Instructional fees


Advanced placement fee
Graduation fee

Charged when senior status attained

Returned-check charge
Student ID card – replacement fee
$30 each
Student-teaching fee
$25 per c/h
State-assessed fees for student teaching
TBD (subject to change without notice)
Official transcript request
$13 each

$3 increase to cover credit card fee.

Interest charged on late payments
1% per month