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Dr. Jamin Perry

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Department of Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics

Boyd Science Center 302

Tremendous Job Growth


Biochemistry is a booming career field and our students are prepared to take advantage of tremendous job growth in this intellectually challenging field.

With extensive research opportunities, hands-on learning experiences, and small class sizes that ensure personalized work with tenured faculty, Baker biochemistry majors graduate ready to take the world by storm.

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Exceptional Experience


Prepared for Medical School

Of those who apply, 87% of Baker students are accepted into medical school—more than twice the national average. During the past 10 years, 100% of Baker students who submitted veterinary, dental, or osteopathy school applications were accepted.

Original Research

Biochemistry students may partner with one of our faculty members to pursue an original research project. This is an outstanding opportunity for students to receive one-on-one attention with the professors they see in the classroom.

Graduate Study

Many of our biochemistry students pursue graduate work in fields such as biotechnology, genetics, and immunology. Baker grads often receive graduate scholarships to major research programs, including those at the Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Kansas.

Internships & Summer Shadowing

Baker’s faculty excels at placing students in full-time summer internships and facilitating opportunities for job shadowing.


Joanne M. Howard, PhD, Endowed Scholarship

The Joanne M. Howard, PhD, Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a woman pursuing a career in medicine or medical research. The award may be renewed until graduation as long as the recipient continues to meet the criteria:

  • Meets FASFA financial-need requirements

  • Has a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application and maintains it until graduation
  • Is of good character
  • Is considering a career in medicine (MD, DO, PA), pharmacy, professor of sciences, medical research, or pharmaceutical research

This scholarship was established to honor Joanne Morrison Howard, PhD, by her husband, Cleve, and her son, Nathan. Dr. Howard graduated from Baker University in 1962. She earned a master’s degree in 1966 and a doctoral degree in 1970 from the University of Kansas Medical Center. She taught at the University of Louisville Hospital and from 1976 to 2006 at the University of Miami School of Medicine, where she was a member of the Department of Cell Biology.


“I am grateful to have received this endowed scholarship because it has shown me that I am capable of more than I ever thought I was. I am so thankful that I got to represent Joanne M. Howard and honor such an amazing woman. I am grateful to be able to represent women in science and humbled that I was chosen among a pool of my incredibly talented peers.”
—Skyler Bruck, 2021, human biology major



“Receiving the Joanne M. Howard Scholarship has created a positive impact on moving forward into the medical field. I feel very fortunate to have this solidify my passion for helping others as a physician assistant after completing my biochemistry degree here at Baker.”
—Abigail Richard, biochemistry major


The Department of Biology and Chemistry gives these awards with financial prizes to be applied to the following year’s tuition:

  • Mildred Hunt Riddle Departmental Recognition Scholarship for Biology
  • Mildred Hunt Riddle Departmental Recognition Scholarship for Chemistry
  • Howard T. Bonnett Scholarship and Mrs. Ivan L. Boyd Memorial Scholarship
  • Margaret E. Scanlon Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • E.J. Cragoe Scholarship
  • Chemical Rubber Company Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
  • Sonia Browning Endowed Scholarship
  • Doris Cink & Kathryn Zimney Endowed Scholarship
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Academic Recognition

  • Outstanding Senior in Biology
  • Outstanding Senior in Chemistry
  • Outstanding Junior in Biology
  • Outstanding Sophomore in Biology
  • Outstanding Freshman in Biology
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Exceptionally Prepared

Biochemistry majors are exceptionally prepared for careers in medical, science, and research fields. Students who have majored in the fundamental sciences at Baker have gone on to these careers:

  • Vice president of laboratory operations for Biodesix, a lung cancer diagnostic testing and biopharmacy company
  • Forensic chemist for the FBI
  • Junior scientists in research labs and for the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Analysts in environmental chemistry and chemical synthesis
  • Medical doctors
  • Chemistry professors and teachers
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Biochemistry Course Descriptions

Meet the Faculty


Dr. Erin Morris

Professor of Biology, Chair of the Department of Biology & Chemistry

B.A. Drury University, Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia

Expertise: molecular plant genetics

Office: Boyd Science Center 228


Molly Anderson

Assistant Professor of Laboratory Instruction

B.S. Baker University, M.S. Johns Hopkins University

Expertise: chemical education

Office: Boyd Science Center 302

Dr. Jamin Perry

Associate Professor of Chemistry, R. Milford White Chair of Chemistry

B.S. Missouri Southern State University, Ph.D. University of Missouri at Columbia

Expertise: physical chemistry

Office: Boyd Science Center 301

Dr. Jackie Dillon

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

B.S. Baker University, Ph.D. University of Kansas Medical Center

Expertise: organic chemistry, biochemistry

Office: Boyd Science Center 303

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Dr. Christian Gomez

Assistant Professor of Biology

B.S. Washburn University, Ph.D. University of Kansas

Expertise: cell biology, microbiology, cancer biology

Office: Boyd Science Center 230

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