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Andrea Howell

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Biology & Chemistry

Office : Boyd Science Center 327

Real-world approach to teaching.


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and Baker University students have their hands on the pulse of the newest developments.

By learning the processes that describe and transform technology, our students gain the knowledge to shape the image of the future—a practical application of the theory, analysis, design, efficiency, programming, and application they have studied throughout the program.

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Many of our computer science majors take part in major research projects through summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs at major universities. In REUs , students gain experience in various practical applications of mathematical theories and principles.

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Exceptional Experience


Practical Application

Our students engaged in the practical application of computer programming, database development, and endless other uses of computers to enhance modern business, science, engineering, and other fields.


With help from faculty and our career services staff, students can find internships and earn practical experience while developing the skills and knowledge needed to be a working professional.

Sophisticated Design

Students design high-level computer applications for their capstone projects as a way of combining everything they’ve learned and preparing for graduation.


The Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics gives these awards with financial prizes to be applied to the following year’s tuition:

  • Mildred Hunt Riddle Departmental Recognition Scholarship for Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics
  • Dr. Calvin Foreman Memorial Scholarship
  • Howard T. Bonnett Scholarship
  • Jennifer Burton Memorial Scholarship
  • Grace Barnhill Champlin Memorial Scholarship
  • Platt-Butler Endowed Scholarship
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Computer Science Course Descriptions

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Robert Schukei
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
B.S. & M.S. Northwest Missouri State University, Ph.D. Oklahoma State University
Office: Boyd Science Center 324

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