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Earn Your Master of Arts in Education


If you’re a practicing classroom teacher, then a Master of Arts in Education from Baker University will help you build skills to become an exemplary educator while increasing your earning power.

Earning a master’s in education online lets you hone your abilities to be the best teacher possible. Watch your students grow and excel because of your hard work and dedication.

Our Master of Arts in Education helps you make a lasting difference in the lives of students as you discover new ways to integrate academic theory and teaching, adjust curriculum goals, fine-tune teaching methods, and enact change in education.

Customize Your Master’s

  • Do you want to learn how to use instructional  technology to support teaching and learning?
  • Are you looking for strategies for creating an inclusive classroom?

  • Are you ready to dig deep into curriculum and instruction to uncover the “what” and “how” aspects of teaching?

Our electives will ensure you tailor your master’s to your interests and needs.

Baker’s academic advising team acts as your partner as you earn a Master of Arts in Education online. We’ll help you plan your courses so you can efficiently complete the program and start the next phase of your career.

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Degree Details: Master of Arts in Education

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. You can earn an education master’s at Baker without relocating or leaving your full-time job.

  • Get your master’s in education online from anywhere.
  • Learn in classes that are held year-round.
  • Finish coursework quickly with accelerated, seven-week courses.
  • Earn your Master of Arts in Education in as few as two years, depending on transfer credits.

Start the journey toward your education master’s online by taking the first step in the admissions process.


Program Highlights: Master of Arts in Education Online

Our master’s program in education helps practicing teachers acquire new knowledge and tools to use in their own classrooms—and discover recent developments in education that may affect how they teach.

The dynamic group discussions and real-world lessons you learn at Baker will help you interact with your students at a higher level, keeping them engaged and improving their academic performance.

Here’s what else you can expect from our Master of Arts in Education program:

Learn from passionate faculty. Our professors are just as passionate about learning, teaching, and the future of education as you are. They’re experienced educators and administrators and are ready to share their experiences with you.

We can bring Baker to you. If you have colleagues who want to earn an education master’s degree with you, then Baker may bring an MAEd learning community to your district.

Be viewed as an education leader. Earning a Master of Arts in Education online demonstrates commitment to your career and the field of education. The knowledge you gain helps you have a powerful, lasting effect on the lives of students, their families, and other teachers.

Build strong critical thinking skills. A master’s in education online shows you how to tailor lessons to the needs of individual students. Assess instructional methods and identify those that will improve outcomes in your class.

What Can You Do With a Master of Arts in Education?

As a teacher, you’re a vital part of shaping the next generation. A master’s in education online, such as Baker’s Master of Arts in Education, equips you for your mission to be an exemplary educator and rewards you with higher earning potential.

Grounded in curriculum and practical experience relevant for today’s classrooms, Baker’s MAEd program prepares you to do the following:

  • Apply new skills in teaching and communication.
  • Build knowledge in the latest in curriculum design, assessment strategies, and educational research.
  • Strengthen your credentials.
  • Become a leader and innovator in the classroom.
  • Focus on your specific education-related interests.
  • Reflect, refine your teaching philosophy, and reinforce new knowledge and techniques you can implement in your classroom.

No matter where you put your teaching skills to work, you’ll be a valuable member of your education community.


Exceptional Experiences: Master of Arts in Education

Become an education expert. If you want to specialize in a certain aspect of teaching to improve student performance, then our master’s in education online sets you up for success.

Build teaching confidence. You’ll learn about education practices backed by research—and how and when to apply them. Baker MAEd students say they gain real skills to use the next day in their own classrooms.

We work with your schedule. In this fully online program, you’ll participate in virtual meetings with instructors and classmates so you can ask questions and build connections.

Learn hard + soft skills. Uncover new learning tools and techniques while also sharpening problem-solving, research, organization, time management, and interpersonal skills.

Financial Aid: Master of Arts in Education

Learn how affordable your education master’s degree can be. You’ll find the return on investment you’re looking for with Baker University’s highly ranked online programs.

In fact, Baker offers the highest return on investment of private colleges in Kansas, according to Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (2022).

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Example Courses: Master of Arts in Education Online

A master’s in education online from Baker connects you to classes like these:

  • Today’s Learner: Explore the changing face of classroom students through current research and best practice to increase learning, social growth, and academic success for all students.
  • Curriculum Development and Design: Systematically and critically examine instructional practice by expanding the use of differentiated instruction and the use of authentic assessment to check for student learning.
  • Action Research in the Classroom: Use best practice resources to reflect on instructional practices and assess classroom environments through the action research process to improve student motivation and increase learning.
  • Inclusion, Students With Exceptionalities: Examine the attributes of evidence-based instruction and apply theory to practice by demonstrating how to differentiate the principles of universal design for learning.

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Related Programs at Baker University

If you’re considering other education master’s degrees, Baker offers these education-focused programs designed for working teachers:

  • Master of Science in School Leadership: Think you’d be right for an administrative role in education? More assistant principals in Kansas schools have earned their master’s degree from Baker than anywhere else.
  • Master of Science in Special Education: Are you passionate about helping children with adaptive learning needs? A Master of Science in Special Education equips you to teach students with high-incidence learning disabilities.

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