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Graduate Business Certificate in Data Analytics

This graduate business certificate increases marketability, strengthens knowledge in an area vital to business and leadership, and enhances earning potential.

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Data Analytics


Build a strong portfolio with data projects that show employers you are ready to get the job done.

You will complete real-world projects featuring case studies from Silicon Valley tech businesses and the health, finance, and social welfare fields. Learn how to use advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau, and many other tools to analyze and visualize data while solving practical problems. Learn More About Data Analytics»

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DTA 510 Introduction to Applied Data Analytics

The goal of this course is to teach applied job skills in close connection to the concepts and theories that drive the daily decisions relevant to data analysis and business intelligence. Each module will focus on a primary theme. Students will start by grappling with real-world cases, then will methodically drill down to solve the problems from a technical approach. A few of these topics include, applications of statistics, data visualization tools in Excel, linear regression, time-series, classification algorithms, and bias in data.

DTA 520 Data Visualization with Tableau

The goal of this course is to teach the skills, concepts, and theories relevant to data visualization and its applications. Students learn theoretical fundamentals and design principles of data-based visualizations, how to spot misleading and untruthful visualizations, and how to use Tableau, a leading data visualization software. Students also learn visualization best practices, how to design usable dashboards, and will sharpen their analytical skills. This course is hands-on, allowing students to merge, join, and download data from several sources for their visualizations.

DTA 530 Data Management with SQL

This course is designed for people who want to learn how to answer questions by using Data. In particular, this course is for aspiring analysts who understand Microsoft Excel but have little to no coding experience. The modules are combined in a manner to provide students in-demand job skills with a focus on real-world applications. Students learn about the different types of SQL, data aggregation, and how to join tables in SQL.

DTA 540 Data Analytics Capstone

The Capstone course provides students with an opportunity to apply skills learned throughout the program – both core analytical skills and soft skills like problem solving and communication – on complex, real-world projects. Students work in small teams to play active roles in project planning, scheduling, and presenting data from a wide array of verticals, such as digital marketing, business operations, finance, and health care. This course serves as a final preparation for students entering into the workforce.


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