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Our 36-credit-hour MAEd program helps practicing classroom teachers develop the skills to become exemplary educators and increase their earning power.

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Baker MAEd students report that they frequently gain real skills in class that they use the next day in their classrooms. Earn your MAEd online with virtual class time in about two years.

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You can fit graduate studies into your existing schedule by taking classes online.  Weekly virtual meetings with instructors and classmates enrich your experience through discussions, guest speakers, and Q&A with your instructors. Classes are held year-round. Earn your MAEd in about two years.

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Exceptional Experience


Transfer Hours and Financial Aid


You can apply up to 6 credit hours of approved graduate credit to your degree program. And our graduate programs are approved for federal financial loan programs. Contact Financial Aid for further information.

Faculty Have A Passion For Education

All faculty are experienced educators and administrators, either currently working or recently retired. They care about the future of education and are driven to build effective leaders in the field.

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Contact us about starting an MAEd learning community in your school district or in your community. Find out how to bring Baker to your community.


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Instructional Technology

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Bring Baker To Your Community

Don’t let distance from a Baker University campus keep you from earning a Master of Arts in Education degree. The MAEd learning community program has allowed more than 1,000 teachers in Kansas and Missouri to earn a master’s degree close to home.

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of taking graduate courses with other educators in your area.

  • Save travel time and money by meeting in a local facility one night each week.

  • Take advantage of face-to-face interaction with Baker instructors.

Start a Learning Community in Your Community.

To find an MAEd learning community forming near you, call 913.344.1203 or email education@bakerU.edu

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Coursework & Requirements

Admission Requirements


Graduation Requirements

Transfer of Credit

MAEd Capstone Portfolio & FAQ

Your MAEd will include a collection of artifacts from your MAEd program course work, reflections, and professional autobiography.

What type of artifacts should be included?

What is TaskStream (TS)?

How do I find portfolio information and whom do I contact?

How should I organize my portfolio?

When is my portfolio due?

How is my portfolio assessed?


What can I do with a Master of Arts in Education?

Do I have to write a thesis?

How much time must I commit to my courses to be a successful student? How many hours of homework per week?

How long will it take me to earn my MAEd?

How many classes can I take per term?

I’m working in another profession, but want to be a teacher. Will this degree allow me to teach?

Do I have to take the GRE?

What is the difference between the MAEd and the Master of Science in School Leadership?

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Learn the ins and outs of what it will take to earn a degree from Baker University: program curriculum and structure. financial aid options, and the enrollment process. Do you have questions? This is the place for answers.

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