Every year approximately 3,000,000 students study online in the United States, and many of those students choose from a wide selection of universities near Kansas City. According to U.S. News & World Report, students looking into online degree programs weigh options related to the structure, schedule, and format of the program. Jordan Friedman, online education editor at U.S. News & World Report, suggests that students consider five questions about academic schedules.

How is your academic year divided?
Baker University’s programs are held year-round, with new groups starting throughout the year. Baker’s online business courses last six to seven weeks. Senior enrollment recruiter, Heidi Shelton believes the six to seven week courses are the perfect timeframe for adult learners.“Baker’s accelerated adult programs are ideal for the busy adult,” Shelton said. “Students only juggle one six to seven week course at a time while also working and fulfilling family responsibilities. Each student can focus upon one course, check it off the list and move on into the next topic. The class format and length allows students to really dive deep into the topic while worrying about one due date instead of multiple courses at the same time.”

1. How many online courses can you take at once?
Students in Baker’s online business courses take one course at a time. This allows them to focus on the content and to earn more credits in a year than at a traditional college. While there are many universities near Kansas City offering online courses, Baker University’s online faculty are specially trained to facilitate a stimulating and productive online learning experience.

2. How long should it take to complete the online program?
All of our online degree programs can be completed in approximately 24 months. However, our graduates consistently report that the knowledge they gained in class was immediately transferable to their daily work situation.

3. Are there options for shorter or accelerated programs? 
Baker University specializes in serving business, management, and liberal arts learning communities. Our students are primarily full-time, working professionals returning to school, military members serving overseas, or individuals seeking the challenges of critical thinking.The Prior Learning and Assessment Center offers flexible, efficient ways to recognize the college-level knowledge you have gained through experiences outside the traditional college classroom. Students have the opportunity to earn credit through several nontraditional methods and to save time and money by earning college credit for what you already know.

4. Will an adviser help you remotely build your schedule?
All students are provided opportunities to confer with academic advisors before enrollment and throughout their online degree program. An advisor, like Stephanie Jennings, will work with students to provide an understanding of their academic status and the requirements they must satisfy for the completion of their degree program.“I enjoy the challenge of working with and supporting adult students so they can make informed decisions on how to earn their degree,” Jennings said. “Working with students as soon as they become a Baker Wildcat and following their educational journey all the way through graduation is a very satisfying career for me, and I am proud to be along for the ride with them.”

Enroll today in the online Bachelor of Business Administration. Classes begin March 27. Our online Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Master of Liberal Arts classes begin April 10.

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