Our advising staff is available to help you with degree completion planning, course scheduling, and resources for success.

Students who have questions about their advising assignment or who need assistance may contact or 913.491.4432.

ACADEMIC ADVISING | Course requirements & expectations

1. How will I be advised about course work?

All students are provided opportunities to confer with academic advisors before enrollment and throughout their program. An advisor provides students an understanding of their academic status and the requirements they must satisfy for the completion of their degree program. Advisors are available to work with students online, by phone or in person. For advising, contact Academic Advising or call 913.491.4432.

2. When will I receive my student ID number?

Each student will receive an email containing their student ID number. The email will be sent to the email addresses on the student’s record before you start classes. This student number is used to check out materials from the library and to place interlibrary loan requests. Please save this email for future reference and/or print out a copy for your records.

3. What kinds of academic resources does Baker offer me as an online student?
  • Online Collins Library
    Library resources such as full-text databases and subscription search services are available 24 hours a day at Baker University’s Collins Library. To access the subscription services you will use your student ID number.
    • To access electronic library resources from off-campus, use your Moodle credentials when prompted on the login screen. Include the domain as part of your username.

  • Online Collins Library Tutorial
    Students can access an online Collins Library tutorials for assistance using the library services.
  • Librarian Assistance
    If you are unable to find the answer to your question, contact information is provided under the Get Help heading in the top-right corner of this page.
  • Business Subject Guides
  • Writing Assistance
    Baker offers several online resources for writing assistance for students.
4. What resources are available to help me understand policies and procedures?

All Baker University policies and procedures are described in the pdfSPGS Catalog and Student Handbook.

5. What is the student portal?

The student portal is a secure system for accessing your student information. The following information and services are available through the student portal:

  • Accessing grades
  • Student schedule information
  • Instructor information
  • External links to frequently used items and sites
  • Course attendance records
  • GPA calculator
  • Making changes to personal information records
  • Access to alerts and appointments
  • Anti-virus software for downloading
  • Access to unofficial transcripts

Access student portal help and instructions.

6. How do students provide feedback to Baker?

Baker University has multiple opportunities for students to provide feedback on their educational experiences. Every student may complete an end-of-course survey after each class. An electronic link is provided with each online course shell to complete the survey. Students also complete an end-of-program survey in the last course of their program. Online students receive an electronic link to this survey within the course shell as well as an email reminder about the survey.

7. What should I do if I have a concern about my instructor?

Baker University’s Academic Advising staff can provide guidance with instructional issues. Call 913.491.4432.

8. Does Baker University provide online accommodations for students with disabilities?

Baker University will provide accommodations for students with disabilities. Students who wish to request accommodations should identify themselves by contacting your academic advisor. Students may review detailed accommodations policy in the pdf SPGS Catalog and Student Handbook.


Stephanie Jennings head shot
Stephanie Jennings

Academic Advisor |
“I enjoy the challenge of working with and supporting adult students so they can make informed decisions on how to earn their degree. Working with students as soon as they become a Baker Wildcat and following their educational journey all the way through graduation is a very satisfying career for me, and I am proud to be along for the ride with them. I also have a special place in my heart for our military students, having served as the School Certifying Official for the last several years.”

Office: Overland Park Campus | 913.344.6081 | Fax 913.491.0470

Carol Reed head shotCarol Reed

Academic Advisor |

“As an adult student and Baker SPGS graduate, I enjoy helping students throughout their Baker program. I love that I can share firsthand knowledge about the courses they are taking and the benefits of the programs. I also understand the commitment it takes to work toward educational goals while working full time and caring for a family. Being able to be a source of support to students and cheering them on is very fulfilling. My favorite part of my job is attending graduation and seeing our students celebrate all that they have achieved with family and friends.”

Office: Overland Park Campus | 913.344.6087

Alex Widener head shotAlex Widener

Academic Advisor |

“As a lifelong learner, I understand the importance of a quality academic advisor. With experience working in both student services and academic advising, I enjoy supporting students through their academic journey. Helping students set and reach their personal and academic goals is so rewarding. As an adult learner, I know the importance of finding balance in life, family, and school, and I look forward to assisting our adult learners find the same balance. I am proud to serve and support our Baker Wildcat students!”

Office: Overland Park Campus | 913.344.6050


Academic Advising

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