Online Masters, a research-based service that provides graduate program information and higher education planning, has named Baker University’s MBA in Human Resources one of the top 25 programs for 2019. Baker’s program was ranked as one of the most comprehensive programs in the United States.

“Baker University offers a comprehensive MBA program with a concentration in human resources, preparing graduate students for successful careers in the field,” the report said. “This program gives students the skills to do everything from overseeing staff to creating HR management plans to ensure business sustainability for the future.”

Baker’s School of Professional and Graduate Studies is committed to creating learning experiences that immediately connect students to industry.

“From guiding a leader aspiring to have a career in human resources or enhancing what an experienced HR professional already contributes to an organization, the faculty in the MBA in HR degree program provides students with relevant learning experiences that prepare them to manage staffing, compensation and benefits, recruitment, and training and development,” said Dr. Emily Ford, associate dean of the School of Professional and Graduate Studies and School of Education. “Students in the MBA-HR degree program are able to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom to their careers and can complete their graduate degree in 18 to 24 months, with some students finishing in 12 months.”

Business professionals who are interested in the MBA in Human Resources program at Baker are encouraged to apply. More information on this program can be found at

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