While most people celebrate their much-anticipated graduation with a cake or balloons, Steve Jones had a more ambitious plan in mind, dual master degrees. He decided that just 16 days after walking across the stage on May 13 to receive his diploma for his Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, he would dive right back into school, this time to earn a Master of Business Administration degree.

It was seeing firsthand the benefits of the MAOL degree on his career that made Jones want to continue his educational journey. He believes that his MAOL, partnered with the MBA degree from Baker University, will make him more marketable in the workplace.

“There is a ton of competition in the workforce,” Jones said. “I need to make sure that I am up to the challenge and that I am a complete, well-rounded leader. The Baker MBA will give me another tool or asset that I can use and stay one step ahead of the competition. This program will give me a broader scope of the business world and will provide me with additional self-confidence and the knowledge that I need to become a success.”

Jones has held numerous positions at Hallmark in Kansas City and currently serves in a senior buyer retail position. He believes earning his Master of Business Administration degree will open new doors for him both at Hallmark and in the community, and Baker University was his top choice when looking to further his career.

“Baker is a great institution with an impeccable reputation,” Jones said. “It is extremely important to me that when I mention my institution of choice for higher education that their name be synonymous with integrity and professionalism and have the means to produce highly effective leaders, thus my Baker choice.”

Jones knows that in addition to being a leader in education, Baker University also cares about each student, from day one. Being able to learn from educators who are not only invested in their students’ success, but also have an abundance of experience as organizational and business leaders in Kansas City is invaluable to his education.

“Where and what company can you go to and listen and learn from successful leaders on how to become a successful leader?” Jones asked when describing his affinity for Baker. And his answer? “Not many.”

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